Friday, October 9, 2009


As we continue on through the month of OCTOBER, let's remember that it is, after all, BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH and let's do what we can to "think PINK" ...
I was reminded today as I cruised a website { } that there's a great 'clearinghouse' for all things PINK and PINK-MINDED known as "Make Mine Pink" ... visit them here:
"Girly Finds" is a Friday feature over at MAKE MINE PINK

So many delicious vendors to visit can be found there !!!
And as I visited my friend Karen Caterson's web pages this afternoon, I came across a book on her "bedside book stack" list, that I think must be worth sharing with you all {although I have to say, I have never thumbed thru this book in person, I SO trust Karen's review of it that I am going out on a limb here and sharing it with all of you} ...

Bright Side of the Road: A Spiritual Journey Through Breast Cancer
by Anne Marie Bennett

You can click here on this link to see the book via Amazon:

And if you have even one similar interest to me, you will likely enjoy Karen's writings over on her Square-Peg Reflections site:
To tie Karen and her writings in to Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I want to give a shout-out and a big "plug" to Karen's "CHOOSING ME: Finding Comfort, Joy and Beauty in the Me I am NOW". As Karen so poignantly asks: "Would you rather fly a copper kite in a thunderstorm than talk about (or even think about) body-image?" Oh, boy, could I relate to that! If you answered "yes!" to her clever question, this is a link you MUST visit:

I personally have sent Karen a (very long) "testimonial" about her CHOOSING ME piece -- I have the CD right where I can listen to it when I take a bath, or am in the car and want to give my self-esteem and body-image self a serious TALKING TO !!! Karen deals with BODY IMAGE (eek!) issues in a caring, compassionate, humorous way that really made a world of difference to me.

If you take that thought process out just a tiny bit - not even much of a stretch - you will realize that women who are dealing with breast cancer are even more likely to have a "body image issue" at some point in their journey. Right? Let's take a moment to ponder that thought ... there are so many aspects of BREAST CANCER that I had never been made aware of, nor thought of, that I am facing right now as my dear friend Lori takes her own BC "walk", if you will. Treatment options, including surgery ... post-op treatment choices to be made, reconstruction options to consider, lifestyle alterations that can enhance (or detract from) one's personal healing process, etc.

SO many details, SO much to learn, SO much of that "unknown" that when one receives a diagnosis like "breast cancer", one is then forced to research and absorb and integrate into a life that will never after be quite the same ...

I have been blessed to have dear friends who were willing to share their experience with me: Lorraine, Melba, Marsha, Rita, Lori ... It is a GIFT to us all when these brave women SHARE THEIR STORY with others.

If you or a friend/loved one are in need of healing words ... please visit BONE SIGH ARTS, the site of talented and soulful TERRI ST. CLOUD ... { }

because we ALL matter ...
And one other amazing woman that gets a shout-out from me this Friday afternoon: author and shame researcher, DR. BRENE BROWN. She is a skilled speaker, who SPEAKS to "shame" issues and "self-esteem" issues ... you name it, if you can claim it, Brene can address it !!!
I found her "I THOUGHT IT WAS JUST ME (but it isn't)" book {and readalong} to be immensely insightful and helpful earlier this year.

So ... lighting a candle for all women who are living with breast cancer, and in honor of those who are fighting the good fight (visit the Susan G. Komen Foundation website to help out), in memory of those who lost their breast cancer fight (sweet Lorraine, the beautiful Margerita, and the most brave Erika), and just so GRATEFUL to all those who care for those with breast cancer ...
And with a special "praise God!" for the most excellent news that my friend Lori received this week, post surgery ... all clear margins, no cancerous lymph nodes, and that a 'satellite' tumor was found during her mastectomy that would not have been found if they had done a lumpectomy instead. God is good, and His hand was all over her terrific outcome. PRAYER REQUESTS going out to all of you, please, for continued and perfect HEALING for Lori as she takes her next steps ...
I remain - humbled -
-- Davielle

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You're a goddess of wonder!
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