Sunday, February 27, 2011

the amazing TRACY PORTER bag giveaway !!!

oooh, you have to SEE the bag, right?   check it out:

wanna see the inside?   here you go:

And here's just one reason why I'm crazy for this purse:

... because it reminds me of the blooming California poppies in our yard, posed in front of our blue-trimmed garage windows.   LOVE LOVE LOVE IT -- don't you ???

Visit Tracy's blog to enter to win this gorgeous purse.

~  Davielle

P.S.   can you even believe I'm posting about this?  doesn't that dilute MY chances for a win?!   :-)

Tracy Porter One-of-a-Kind Bag Giveaway

I had to post this today - can you imagine a more magnificent bag to take when traveling? Talk about eye-popping color and style !!! Enter the giveaway over on the Tracy Porter blog (click the link, my pretties) and post your comment. Tracy will announce the winner on her blog TUESDAY, March 1st. Good luck to you all.

Tracy Porter One-of-a-Kind Bag Giveaway

~~ Davielle

Friday, February 4, 2011

Followers, followers, oh where art thou Followers?

Okay, so I haven't been a faithful blogger for quite a long time now.  I admit it, right up front. 

But I know that I used to have more followers ... and now, I'm down to just three.  THREE. 

Should my feelings be hurt, or should I just take it as the LESSON. IT. IS.  This is what happens when one doesn't love and care for their blog.

I do apologize for not being "here" all this time.  I am back, I am back, I really am.  

Won't YOU come back now?

~~  Davielle

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

even MORE techno difficulties today ...

Aaarrrggghhhh ....

Not only am I having a few little glitches getting my new blog background to look just right over on Princess Magpie ... ( )  but now I'm having issues here.  Right here.

I wanted to freshen up THIS blog's background, too - and I always rely on the amazing "cute 'n cool backgrounds" for the best of all backgrounds.

So for THIS blog, I found a cool, funky background -- and when I copy it's code into my blog, it makes it FLASH on the page for a blip of a moment - and then it reverts back to ... what you'll see here now.  

Go figure.  And if you DO figure, would you let me know?

Yours in getting this figured out,

~~  Davielle

Eye Candy - early California plein air art ...

Fellow Travelers,

Mark and I have been enchanted by (okay, obsessed with) Early California Art for about a decade now.  Maybe a tad longer.  (what is a "tad", anyway?)

We often receive notification from galleries of available art, and we always always pause and heave a big sigh and say "oh my, wouldn't that be perfect in our (fill in the blank) room ??".

   This is one of those pieces. Maurice Braun's "Landscape with Stream", circa 1923-25.    

And I'll fill in that blank for you.  It would look perfect in our ... living room.

Can you hear my big sigh?

~~  Davielle