Monday, June 29, 2009

We're (apricot) Jammin' ...

Yesterday afternoon, Victoria and I made FRESH APRICOT JAM together. Victoria brought over a wheelbarrow-full {just about ...} of apricots from her friend Gary's tree.

Some were SUPER RIPE and we used those for the jam. {we later read on the Pectin insert that "firm, ripe fruit is best" and that "overripe fruit may not set well". OH WELL. you see, children: when adults tell you to READ THE DIRECTIONS ALL THE WAY THROUGH, FIRST - there's a very good reason. }

Some were not quite super ripe, and we have a pile-on-a-platter of those. Just look at this fruit:

AND I have to admit -- growing up as my father's daughter, I was addicted to DRIED APRICOTS, a la Scaglione Orchards {my stepmother's family orchard in Hollister, California). Me, there was NO WAY I was going to eat a fresh apricot. No how, no way. But so far as DRIED APRICOTS are concerned, NONE in the world are better and tastier than those from Emilie's ranch. I'm just saying.
I ate my first FRESH APRICOT yesterday and I am a convert. Wowza! Thanks, Gary.

So here's how it went ... our "Jam Session":

the chopping of the super ripe fruit was SO messy, I didn't dare pick up the camera for that step ... but here's what our fruit looked like as it went into the pan. My BELGIQUE pan, which I adore ...

this is the scary part ... the recipe calls for more cups of sugar than fruit ..

and only the best "pure cane sugar" will do, you know ...

sing it with me now ... "C and H pure cane sugar, it's the one" {remember that jingle from when you were a kid ???}

Victoria did the lion's share of the stirring -

and because she's a LEFTIE, this is an unusual pic of Victoria !!!

you see, here she's using her left hand !!! LOOK at that fruit jam, just dripping off the spoon ... YUM.

and yes, I did a bit of the work, too ... see !!!

ah, but here's Victoria again, hard at work ... that's FOAM that happens when the jam has boiled for a period of time. the FOAM gets skimmed off, several times, in the process of making this recipe.

thankfully, the foam didn't explode all over the stove, and here's Victoria, pouring it into the jars ... and look! she's using that right hand again!
So that was our Fresh Apricot Jam adventure. My first time working with pectin; my first fresh apricot, eaten. My first Jam Adventure.
Thank you, Victoria. It was a delightful way to spend the day.
-- Davielle
P.S. I only wish that I had thought to pull out my Bob Marley CD to play "Jammin' " during our session. :-)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Blog Content, Facebook Posts, and all that Techy Stuff

It's been mentioned to me on several occasions that "MySpace is for kids; not old people", or, "Facebook was for when I was in college - it's not for my grown-up life", or, "why do YOU blog - what do you have to say, anyway? and does anyone really care?!".

So I've done a lot of pondering on those random statements.

When Facebook really boomed, I totally gave up - without deleting it - my MySpace interactions. Facebook was more user-friendly, and easier to manage. Besides, far more people my age were (and are) using Facebook - to re-connect with childhood and high school and college friends, former co-workers, family members they had lost touch with, AND to make new connections ... where the common denominator might be a special interest they share.

That suited me better, so I jumped into Facebook with both feet.

And while I admit, I will sometimes fall into the trap of posting things on Facebook that are rather random ("I love fresh peaches"), possibly insignificant ("just finished washing my hair", potentially annoying ("hey, I just took a quiz on FB and I am smarter, brighter, prettier, more fascinating than 97.4 percent of the population and I should be married to Kevin Costner and Ashley Judd will play ME when my story hits the big screen") ... I have tried MOST OF THE TIME to keep my posts ... somehow relevant. To something or someone.

But lately, I've found myself COMMENTING on too many people's posts - I mean, do they really care if I "like" what they posted? It's doubtful the moon will rise or the sun will set based on how many of us, REALLY, "like" what they said. Isn't it?

And so I hope to STOP making irrelevant comments; I intend to STOP getting sucked into far too many conversations about topics I just don't need to get into; and I plan to more carefully "manage" my friends and what they can see / who can see what -- in general.

So if I have pissed anyone off, or offended anyone, or made anyone cry, or sad, or angry, or jealous, or WHATEVER negative emotion / reaction I might have "inspired" in you ...

I am hereby apologizing.

Those with whom I share a REAL shared interest with -- you know who you are -- and you will know that when I do "like" something, or when I do "comment", it's going to be because ... I've taken the time to think about it. Just for that extra moment.

Because in the end, IT'S ALL ABOUT A MEANS TO RELATE TO ONE ANOTHER. Anyone who doesn't "get" that is just ... missing something ... maybe a sensitivity gene, I don't know. If they're questioning my interest in Facebook, or any other social / business networking tool (LinkedIn, all those ...) -- then what are they really trying to say to me? That I just "don't matter" to others? Ouch.

Because whether or not we are (biologically) related is not the point. I have friends I would elect to be related to by blood -- given the choice -- in a butterfly's heartbeat.

So if you're still on the proverbial fence, still wondering if YOU should enter the realm of Facebook, just think about the possibilities -- so long as you manage your privacy settings, and you consider carefully what you "put out there" -- you could get back in touch with that high school sweetheart, or your best friend through junior high, or a former college professor who was your MOST INCREDIBLE MENTOR of all time -- there IS possibility in the world of all this high-tech RELATING TO ONE ANOTHER stuff.

With thoughts of all staying CONNECTED without somehow annoying each other to bits ...

-- Davielle

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dogs ... ya gotta love 'em ... ya gotta PHOTOGRAPH 'em

I had so much fun yesterday, not just with my friends (Jane, Ann, Willie, Chris) -- but also taking photographs (with owners' permission, of course) of all the dogs I saw during the day.

my God-Dog Daughter, NINA

Jane and I started at Starbucks in the morning --

And we made friends with CONNIE (dog) and her 'mom', Annette -- Jane & Annette had SO much in common, including the fact that they are taking the exact same Princess Cruise in July, only in reverse. Small world.

and this is CONNIE

she is SO soulful

and such a love ...

Jane and Nina with Annette and Connie (above)

and I fell in CRAZY love with Giovanni, the Italian Greyhound

isn't he photogenic?!

My daughter and granddaughter (and I) all recently read HOW TO STEAL A DOG.
I'm just saying :-). (and honestly, I am just kidding, too! but Gio, you are so handsome!)

And then, along came this darling GOLDEN DOODLE, and I think his name is ... Cooper ???

So dang cute ...
And then this guy says, from behind me, "mind if I sit next to you?" ... as I turned to say "of course not", I recognized our friend, Mr. Olympian, STEVE HEGG.
back in his heyday ... on his time trial back ...
And fast forward to 2006, when Steve was one of our cycling celebrities at WHEELS OF WONDER for CCI ( )

And then I had lunch with Ann, Willie, and Chris at Beach Grass Cafe ...


Willie kissing on America as Ann looks on ... and as Chris and I say ...
"there is NOTHING ridiculous about loving & kissing on a dog. nothing. not ever."

What a day!
But this, THIS handsome guy - this is who I get to wake up to each day. Isn't he the best?

my Sure Grip Quail Oaks Rock Star (aka, ROCKY). paws crossed. a pose I haven't seen on him pretty much ... ever. 2 mornings ago.
-- Davielle

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Feelin' Retro, Feelin' Groovy

Okay, so a little flashback now and then never hurt anyone; right?
I got one of those emails this week that is supposed to remind us, I guess, of just how good - the old days really were. You know the ones I mean, don't you?
So I couldn't help 'borrowing' some of the photographs from said e-mail ... forget 'copyright' and all that, 'cause goodness only knows WHERE these images came from. They've made their way around the universe like a gabizillion times, I'm sure.

Ready to flashback a bit with me? Here you go:

fixin' apple pie with Granny. my childhood revisited? NOT.

my Italian grandmother, she lived nearby but what she made was the most delicious Saffron (yellow) Rice, and the best Danish Delight {okay, so you only add water and heat on the stove and chill - still - hers was the BEST} dessert. my mother's mother, my Nana, she lived in New Jersey, so we didn't get together often, and we SURE didn't make pies when we did.
AS FOR TODAY, me, I peel core and yes, even slice, MY apples with my handy-dandy APPLE PEELER-CORER-SLICER from ... The Pampered Chef. it's a rocking handy tool to have on hand; oh yes it is.

so how many of you got FLUFF as a child? not me !!! heck, once I got into Jr High and wanted to make those tasty Rice Krispie Treats, I had to use mini marshmallows - no jars of FLUFF for me, no sirree. fortunately (?) for my youngest "grand", FLUFF has found its way into her mother's pantry, and she likes hers with ... peanut butter, on a sandwich.

and then - the Hula Hoop. of course I dressed like these maidens when I did this as a child. you betcha! how wicked-cool are those outfits?!

AS A LITTLE TIME-TRAVEL UPDATE, here is my middle "grand", Kiara, exhibiting HER Hula Hoop talents just last weekend ... she can Hula Hoop AND text message a friend at the same time, while entertaining a handful of friends at her birthday party! is THAT talent, or what?!

And speaking of talent ...

I do believe these are from vintage episodes of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE ... what do you think?

I mean, look at that smooth move. how are her panties not showing?!

For a little TIME TRAVEL reality check, view these YouTube clips of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE, circa ... present time.

So far this season, and it's early on yet, THIS samba by Kayla and Max {who has now been sent home ... Max, that is} .. was HOT HOT HOT. take a look:

And last week, Jonathan and Karla did the most beautiful dance to a very romantic, very moving love song .. FALLING SLOWLY .. this SO gave me chills:

Okay, humor me ... just one more ... Jeanette and Brandon did a DISCO number {yes, I said DISCO number ... can u believe it?!} that was insane -- there is a lift near the beginning - you'll know it when you see it - that just takes your breath away. WOW.

Well, that's all, folks. I hope you enjoyed this stroll down memory lane, as well as the flash-forward moments to the SYTYCD clips. :-)

-- Davielle on a Sunday night

SHOP Solvang and VISIT Buellton, Los Gatos, etc.

Two weekends ago {it seems forever ago, already}, we were in Buellton and Los Gatos and Solvang for a quick getaway. Mark and his bike, me and the car. :-)

Just wanted to give a quick shout out to a few places that we (I) discovered while up there:

SUNRISE COFFEE HOUSE ... "Brewing Happiness Daily" ... in Buellton. Yum.

QUILTS GALORE & MORE ... in Solvang ... where I found the perfect quilted placemats & matching cotton napkins for our breakfast nook at home.

and PICKET FENCES: Home and Garden ... in Solvang ... where I visited with Leanne, picked up some very cool little things for our home, and a wonderful "tag" style necklace for myself. LOVED this shop.

So there you go ... oh, and we had a most wonderful dinner on Sunday night at BALLARD HOUSE (Inn and Restaurant).

And we had a wonderful night's stay at HADSTEN HOUSE in Solvang ... where breakfast is included with your room rate. A FULL breakfast, by the way, not just a muffin & some coffee. They do it RIGHT.

-- Davielle

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Customer Service should REIGN in this Economy ...

... but sadly, that is NOT always the case. In fact, it's RARELY the case any more.

Just had a bad experience with a Mom & Pop (actually, it's several unrelated women who own it together, I think) Shop that Mark and I have regularly purchased from for THIRTEEN YEARS now. You'd think that a loyal and steady customer would get some courtesy ... I guess it's not worth what it used to be worth.

But I've met some shop owners lately for the first, second, and third time ... who treat me like a FRIEND whenever I stop in. That's the kind of experience I expect and hope for when I shop the independent stores. That's a big reason WHY I frequent the mom-pop shops, the brick-and-mortar stores run by an INDIVIDUAL and not a Corporation.

I did post a note (or three) on Facebook just now, explaining what happened. I won't bore you with it here.

But remember that THE 3/50 PROJECT that I blogged about recently? {visit their website at: } THAT PROJECT is a compelling reason to CHOOSE YOUR THREE favorite shops and make sure you keep on visiting them.

I guess then, when choosing the shops we want to encourage to stay open, the ones who treat us with respect and dignity and compassion and friendliness and an open heart -- we must take into account their level of friendliness and customer service and individual attention.

If it's "nothing personal, it's just a rule", then by all means -- you can BEND a rule for a customer that's been loyal to you for over a decade. I'm just saying ...

So it's BYE BYE to Village Consignment (solana beach), who I have frequented from the time they were in Del Mar, to the period when they had 2 shops open, and still, after closing Del Mar and just keeping the Solana Beach location open.

I've spent my last $$$ with you. But only because when I called to try and discuss the 'happenings' of this morning, I was met with such hard-nosed stubborness - by an employee, no less, with the owner SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO HER - that I can't imagine going back. Ever.

As an interior designer, and someone who has worked plenty of retail myself, I cannot imagine being so difficult to a customer, let alone a valued REPEAT customer. It is just unheard of in the realm of "good customer service."

I'm sorry, because I don't like to blog about stuff like this. Unhappy, unpleasant stuff. Especially in a community that I love so much, that I like to SUPPORT by ... developing relationships with all the shops we DO frequent.

-- Davielle

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What's Happened to Customer Service? IT COULD HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH Customer BEHAVIOR. Read on.

I am SO in agreement with Brene Brown on this point, folks.

If you are someone who TALKS ON YOUR CELL PHONE while you are ... at the pharmacy or grocery store, while you are in line at the bank, while you are CONDUCTING A TRANSACTION OF ANY KIND, ANYWHERE -- you better not read any more here. Just stop.

Because it's a full endorsement of every single thing that Brene included in her blog post today.

from Brene's post:
Buber wrote, “When two people relate to each other authentically and humanly, God is the electricity that surges between them.”

Just what do you think is "surging" between you and the other human being you are meant to be interacting with if you DO NOT MAKE EYE CONTACT. If you DO NOT HANG UP THAT PHONE. If you IGNORE THAT OTHER PERSON. Hmmm?

Click on this link to read Brene's blogpost about the matter. I am behind her 100,000%.

-- Davielle


I had plans to drive a bit north today to spend time with three lovely women, making Christmas cards. Yes, in JUNE. We also thought we might make some other all-occasion cards, so it wasn't totally going to be an out-of-season kind of a day.

here are some cards I made in Nov 2008 for last years' Christmas ...

I almost wasn't going to go. Migraine hangover and all. But I felt good enough this AM to get up and ready, and told Linda I'd be there for a short time ... mostly to photograph their adventure, and to have a nice visit. I really like these gals, and love spending time with them.
But then, it just wasn't in the cards. (pun intended, of course). The other two ladies had to cancel at the last minute, so it's OFF.

Which means - I now have - A FREE DAY.

So, I want to ask you:

IF YOU FOUND A "FREE DAY", how would you treat it? Like a gift? Like a challenge? Would it be a problem for you? A relief? Would you pick up your knitting? Would you open up your sewing machine? Visit the Library? Read a book. Buy a magazine and devour it, cover to cover?
(please; I so love comments on my blog posts).

As for me, I'm going to sort thru over 200 photographs from Trevor's baseball game on Sunday; and I'm going to share some of the SAT game and SUN game photos with Kristi, and she can share with the other parents of those amazing kids -- later today.

I am also going to put together 8 to 10 more SCRAPBOOK PAGES to be scanned and then printed by Dusty. Why are we scanning and printing pages? I can't tell you ... yet. It's a surprise!

I'm also going grocery shopping, and I can then spend time in my MAS -- My Art Space. I guess saying "my MAS" is ... redundant. I have to learn to say ... I can spend time in MAS.

MAS: My Art Space .. it's calling me .. "come play .."

And by the way - last evening I read a book, COVER TO COVER, in under 40 minutes. Very intriguing story-line, very inspiring CONCEPT, and a rather creepy mystery! Loved it. It's called JOURNAL: The Short Life and Mysterious Death of Amy Zoe Mason. Check it out at Barnes and Noble here:

Thanks to Victoria for discovering it and sharing this with me ...

So that's it, friends. I'm off to the post office and the bank, and to Trader Joe's and Henry's and Vons. I'm going to sign up ( I think ) for a PAINT-OVER TECHNIQUE workshop with artist Lisa Bebi that's happening on the 27th ... you can check that out here, if you're interested:

Jack, by Lisa Bebi

taking your original photograph, and painting over it ...
I'm going to ENJOY MY FREE DAY. I hope you enjoy your day, too.
-- Davielle

Monday, June 15, 2009

Relieve Headaches ... with Belleruth Naparstek

Thanks to my friend Karen, I am going to give this a "go" as I continue to battle the ongoing, still-almost-daily-since-Thanksgiving-2008 MIGRAINE HEADACHES ...

Having had migraine for as long as I can remember, and at least 47 years now, I always thought I had learned how to just LIVE THROUGH the pain. I have apparently SO not learned how! I've been seeing a great neurologist and his physician's assistant since February (09), but we have as yet to achieve any less impact on my migraines - we're still trying to find a preventative, and we're still trying to find a way to break the cycle of a particular migraine that hangs on for days ...

Anyway, back to Karen. My friend Karen told me today about a tool that could help with some of the suffering ... Here's the image of the CD (they also come in a 2-tape set) and the description of what it includes:

Relieve Headaches - Health Journeys by Belleruth Naparstek

A 1 CD set designed to help relax tense muscles in the head and neck; assist with the opening and evening out of blood vessel caliber; elevate seratonin levels; reduce pain; assist the body in clearing out toxins; promote emotional balance; and clear the mind of cognitive clutter. CD contains Guided Imagery for Headache Relief, Affirmations, Guided Imagery for Headache Prevention; Approx. 74 min.

If you would like more information on this and other products in this vein, visit Health Journeys at:

So I have just ordered my own CD to work with ... I'll let you know how it goes!

-- Davielle

Saturday, June 13, 2009

GLENN DEAN: The Untouched Splendor of California

Some years back, when Mark and I first began collecting Early California plein air paintings, especially by what they call "dead artists" (it's obvious what that means, right?) ... we also stumbled across a group of young artists working in California and the rest of the West that were quite remarkable.

We were invited to an Artist's Reception at MORSEBURG GALLERY in West Hollywood -- and we attended, because we wanted to meet all these exceptional young artists. To this day, we are in touch with Eric Merrell and Glenn Dean - just two of the ten that were represented at that Show.

Jeffrey Morseburg, director of the Gallery, is a most engaging man. He made us feel welcome and comfortable, and he always takes the time to chat with customers, whether they are first time visitors to the Gallery or have been a hundred times. He has great energy, and his passion for Historic art is rather 'catching'.

A couple of years back, we attended an event at THE LODGE AT TORREY PINES that featured contemporary plein air artists - some of the best working today - and we ran into Glenn Dean at that event.

Today, we received an invitation from Glenn Dean to attend a Gallery Opening of an exhibition of his work at another fine gallery, this one in San Francisco:

Mark and I are always impressed when galleries known for exhibiting and specializing in EARLY (ie, dead artists) CALIFORNIA ART chooses to work with a contemporary (still living; working in present time) artist. That JOSH HARDY has chosen to work with GLENN DEAN is truly an honor, I'm sure, for Glenn.
We wish we could visit San Francisco for the opening of Glenn's show ... and we know his works will sell in a SNAP of the fingers and a BLINK of the eye.

Good luck, Glenn, and congratulations.
-- Davi and Mark Huffman

The Least Appropriate WEDDING SONGS, ever

Courtesy of NPR online, I offer you this link to stories about the WORST WEDDING SONGS ever:

If you're planning a wedding, be careful to listen to THE LYRICS of all music you choose.

Want to know what I did at my very own (first) wedding reception? I loved the song "Ain't Too Proud to Beg" -- but didn't quite realize it was about a gal walking away from her man, and he was begging her to stay. Probably not appropriate at one's wedding reception; at least not as a "pick" by the new bride! LOL. The DeeJay kept asking me "are you SURE? REALLY? I don't know ..." Finally, I said - "oh, never mind".

Plan carefully, all you brides- and grooms-to-be !!!

ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST -- that's another one I've heard at receptions and wondered, "hmm .,.. really?!"

-- Davielle

Thursday, June 11, 2009


"However confused

the scene of our life appears,

however torn we may be

who now do face that scene,

it can be faced,

and we can go on to be whole."

-- Muriel Rukeyser

Taken out of the book TRANSITIONS from well-known and beloved author {of all things creative, particularly as it relates to our own creativity and our spiritual self}, JULIA CAMERON, comes this ...

'Spirit understands adversity as opportunity. Spirit is able to work for the good in all things. As I encounter difficult transitions in which I doubt the good which is unfolding, I remind myself there is a higher plan in motion with which I can consciously cooperate. As I face my resistance to change, as I choose to align myself with events as they are unfolding, I find in my acceptance a sense of tranquility, a promise of safety. Change embraces me as I myself embrace change.'

Just going through all the {physical/health, and emotional} changes I've been experiencing lately has been a challenge -- let alone, trying to figure out ... what to do next; which doctor is going to be able to help me address these issues; will I have to give up my newfound passion of working with acrylic products {for art work}; how to live up to the expectations my husband and my children / grandchildren have of me; can I truly embrace 'not working'?; will I ever feel well and truly good, ever?

With one daughter in college and supporting her two children on her own, and another daughter working hard to support herself and her daughter, and with the third daughter a recent college graduate and about to go away this summer for training with her new employer ... our family IS in a lot of TRANSITION situations, too.

TRANSITION moments can last just that: a moment. They can also last hours, days, weeks, months, years. Each one is an individual opportunity for change, and growth, and can be faced with a strong set of values and a steady bedrock of faith ...

For any and every one going through any sort of life transition right now - I'm with you. I feel your pain, your confusion, your excitement, your sadness, your strength and your struggle ... I'm right here with you. Facing these times together allows us to feel not so alone, and to grow stronger and more resilient ... as friends. It's all about 'community' in the end, anyway; right?

-- Davielle

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A MUST READ if you love dogs ...

And if dear old Dad likes dogs at all -- and just maybe, race cars, too --

THE ART OF RACING IN THE RAIN by author Garth Stein ... a MUST HAVE/MUST READ book.

Check it out here:

DO watch the video clip. Totally worth it.


-- Davielle

Father's Day is just around that corner now ...

Coming soon ... Sunday, June 21 ... FATHER'S DAY.

I thought I'd give you a few helpful web hints about places to go / things to consider giving Dear Old Dad this Father's Day ...

If you've got a full-on TECHIE in your life, visit -- they offer hard-to-find and never-before-seen notebooks, phones, and gadgets from Japan and all around the world. Check them out.

If you've got a SURFER in your life, visit South Coast Windansea and ask for Eric Huffman. Located at 740 Felspar #A Pacific Beach, CA 92109. Hours: 9am-sunset Daily. Or give a call to them at (858) 483-7660 . To get a "feel" for what the vibe's like at South Coast Windansea, visit Eric's blog at:

If you've got a GARDENER in your life, check out the fabulous finds at any of these San Diego and south Orange County spots:

and one of the best nurseries we visit whenever we can - for display and variety both - is in Cambria, CA - so if that's your 'hood, check out ... CAMBRIA NURSERY

If you've got a FOODIE or WANNA-BE-CHEF in your life, check out:

Sur la Table at (great selection and in-store CLASSES that rock!)
The Kitchen Witch in Encinitas at
and if he loves excellent cheese, please visit VENISSIMO CHEESE SHOP at with locations in San Diego, Del Mar, and Long Beach CA

And for the WINE LOVER in your life, consider a Vinturi -- the "essential wine aerator" - you can learn more at

That's all my tips for today, friends.

Happy Father's Day to your guys -- hope you find something here that will help make the shopping that much more unique and fun for Dad. {no more ties !!!}

-- Davielle

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Writing on the Wall

okay, so it's writing on a ROCK ... still, we should all be counting our BLESSINGS before we go to sleep each night and when we begin each new day. I know I am !!!

Inspired by a guest blogger post that Kelly Rae Roberts did recently at SuperHero Journal { }, I am posting some images today that I took over this weekend ...

Oooh, I'm having a major deja vu moment here ... time out.
Wow. It's so cool when that happens, yet, strange ... and it happened to me up here yesterday, too. {is there some deja vu prone vortex in the area?! LOL}

Okay - phew.
So, the question is:
{and if so, what are they saying?}

this says to me: it's OK to have large feet !!!
as seen in the window at Rusack Winery, 6-6-09

is there someone you should be giving flowers to; to warm their heart?

need help with something? or is there someone you feel a need to reach out to? make that call !!!

have you always wanted to learn to play the piano? or the flute? or the guitar? JUST DO IT !!
worn out? ready for a vacation? PLAN ONE !!!

and this - this. an ear tag. # 212. THIS is my "cow a day" and I just love her.

I hope you've enjoyed the WRITING ON THE WALL {and the rock, and the ear tag} ... and if one of these SPOKE to you, I sure hope you'll leave a comment and share what's on your mind or in your heart.

-- Davielle

counting my BLESSINGS, and signing off from Solvang - headed for home !!!