Friday, October 31, 2008

Astir in the Acorn

"That which thou wilt be, thou art.

As the oak, astir in the acorn

The dull earth rendeth apart,

So thou, the seed of thy longing,

Breaketh and waketh the heart."

-- katherine lee bates

Be inspired, be moved, be awakened - by the sentiment in Bates' piece above - like the little oak that now grows in our canyon, from an acorn collected in Newport, Rhode Island way back in 2001.
For our friends and family members seeking - answers - to their question/s about ... where to live, what job or career to pursue, what choices to make - BE INSPIRED. What do you long for? What is your DREAM? What is YOUR passion? Find it and follow it.
-- Davielle

What do we live for ...

me, holding two future CCI graduates - 2005

"What do we live for if not to make life less difficult for each other?"
-- George Eliot
WOW. If that doesn't {help} put into words why so many amazing people work and volunteer for Canine Companions for Independence, I don't know what would. You see, the Mission of this wonderful non-profit organization is this:

'Canine Companions for Independence enhances the lives of people with disabilities by providing highly trained assistance dogs and ongoing support to ensure quality partnerships.'
SIMPLE, right? Having worked for CCI twice in my lifetime (so far!) and having volunteered for them and given to them what financial contributions we can each year, I remain as IN LOVE with the organization and its work today as I was in my first days with them, the first time around, way back in ... oh my, it was January 1991 when I started there.

Me 'n DOLLY, a CCI puppy {seriously, one of the best PERKS of working for CCI was ... Puppy Day !!!}

These photographs are of some of my personal favorite CCI pups-in-program ... they have been or are being raised by VOLUNTEER PUPPY RAISERS for CCI from the age of 8 weeks to approximately 16 months, when they are returned to CCI for their Advanced Training. If they make it through those six months of Advanced Training, they graduate to a life of service to a person with a disability. WOW. Do you know how life-changing that is?
WYANNE "Deakers", Oct 2008

that's me (again!) with CCI pup LANDIS

(now released from CCI's program, LANDIS is working in Arizona with a lovely couple that does Hospice work)

and this little darling is DAVIELLE II, a current CCI pup being raised by a lovely woman, Jill, who lives in the North Central Region -- "Davi", as she is called, is due to turn in for her Advanced Training ... this coming Graduation. THANK YOU, Jill, for all your hard work with this little sweetie. {and by the way, nobody at CCI could tell me that she was 'named for me'; they just wanted to re-use the name since the original Davielle - a breeder for CCI who WAS named for me - died in 2006}
I invite you to attend CCI's Southwest Center (the Dean, Gerda & Trixie Koontz Regional Training Center) GRADUATION on Saturday, November 15, 2008 at Noon at the Mission San Luis Rey in Oceanside, CA. You will see a lot of 'the process' right there: puppy raisers recognized on stage for their contribution to the raising of these future miracle-making dogs; puppy raisers officially handing over the leash of the dog they raised to their new Graduate (human); and there's even some donor and volunteer recognition going on. PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS NOW to attend. Bring Kleenex {and don't try to use cheap imitations - only Kleenex will hold up to your Happy Tears, trust me}.

By clicking on this link, you will be taken to the Home Page of the SOUTHWEST region for CCI ... alternatively, you can visit CCI at for information on their progams nationwide.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pretty in Pink - reprised

Okay, so I can't resist ... yes, it's ANOTHER "think pink" post, and ON THE SAME DAY, no less. Sorry. Too bad. It's a worthy message, and besides, it's just ... GIRLY. I like that. You gotta like that. 'kay? Okay.

I figured items for your PETS might've been a little too "limited" earlier today, so here I give you Pretty Thoughts for You, my girls.
For those who like to wear BLACK an awful lot {which I believe can be a good thing, as anyone who's seen my wardrobe will attest}, give yourself that needed POP of color with this little pretty - a Pink Poppy Clutch from Talbots.
Or how about a PUNCH of color ... at your feet? {again, Talbots}

For anyone wondering just how Pretty in Pink {Molly Ringwald was darling in that movie, don't you agree?} the ever-famous BARBIE might be, take a look-see:

Is Gwyneth more your style? This is one of my all-time favorite OSCARS looks - ever:

Barbie's got NOTHING on Gwyneth -- need I say more?
And then ... there's Audrey. I've always been crazy for Audrey, but no more than when I discovered that she, too, had a penchant for Rat Terriers. Yes, the inimitable Audrey Hepburn had ... the same kind of dog I do, only she had MORE of them at any given time than I can ever hope to {especially since Rocky told the 'animal communicator' that he LIKES being 'an only pet'}. Don't believe me that Audrey can ROCK the PINK?
OKAY, so it's a BLACK dress. But thrown against that PINK background, this poster is terrific. Don't you think?
All right, I might be done with all this pink stuff. For now.
-- D.


Friends, it is still Breast Cancer Awareness month until ... tomorrow. Join me in celebrating HEALTHY WOMEN by ... thinking Pink.

If you have not yet made a donation to support Breast Cancer research, you can click on THIS LINK to donate on behalf of my friend Linda Dreyfuss, who is walking in the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer 3 Day in SD on Nov. 21-23. If you would like to support her in this event, you can donate on line:
go to donate now
type in her name
(Linda Dreyfuss)
double click on the SD event (she is also crewing in AZ the week before) to reach her web page.

You can also cheer along the way (any kind of distraction while walking 60 miles is wonderful). The walk starts at the Fairgrounds on Friday morning and follows the coast, finally going “inland” to Petco Park for the closing ceremony on Sunday. You will be able to get more details on the route just before the event by going to

Meanwhile, here are some more PINK ideas that might just be your

CUP OF TEA (china is English Rose Pattern by Royal Patrician):
"At your wit's end in the kitchen? Check out easy recipes from the culinary counselors at WWW.PINKMAGAZINE.COM ."

Want an idea RIGHT NOW? This, from the pages of PINK (Nov 2008) :

BARBARA FAIRCHILD, editor in chief of Bon Appetit, swears by fresh ingredients and blends of sauces that can embellish {I JUST LOVE THE WORD "embellish", don't you?!} almost any meal quickly. 'Olive oils, vinegars, salsas, mustards," she says. 'You can dress anything - red meat, fish, chicken - with these.'

And here's one more from the pages of PINK:

MARIA McBRIDE, wedding style director at Brides and author of Party Basics for New Nesters (HarperCollins, 2008), has a go-to recipe in her Salsa-tini. 'It's just chopped salad, but you present it beautifully, in a martini glass, making it fun and accessible," she says. {now doesn't that sound easy - and special?}

For you SHOPPERS out there -- some PINK ideas for your pets to brighten your (and their) world:
okay, you with the GIRLY dogs out there - how cute is this PINK crystal dog bone "charm" ??? {it does come in clear, blue, and maybe one other color - all, through }
And if you have to just SEE IT to BELIEVE IT, how darn cute is it - for real?

After a nice long walk with your pooch, or a snuggle with your kitty, how about treating them with TREATS from this oh-so-couture (that's JUICY COUTURE) Jar (also from Nordstrom):

And if doggy-dog got a little rambunctious in the puddles or the mud, there's always Kiehl's FOR YOUR DOG Shampoo {again,}

Faithful readers, that's about all the PINK I can muster up this morning, as I have to run Dad down to the VA for some blood work (routine stuff).
OH, there is one more thing. If you haven't seen the Audrey Hepburn movie FUNNY FACE (her co-star? Fred Astaire!) -- SEE IT. There's an entire "Think Pink" scene that I just adore -- it sooooo reminds me of my mother, and her days as a Fashion Show Coordinator (although in the movie, it's about a Fashion Magazine). ANYWAY - KEEP THINKING PINK, friends & family. If you're due for that MAMMOGRAM - go 'n get it!
-- Davielle

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Acorn House ...

The whole Eco-Cooking / Slow Food movement is taking off ... I just got an email today from Bon Appetit with information on this new cookbook out of London, of all places -- THE ACORN HOUSE COOKBOOK. I am intrigued (although NOT NOT NOT making a purchase, least of all for another cookbook -- the shelves are already groaning under the weight of my CB collection).

See what YOU think:

'Nowhere else is it possible to feel quite so virtuous while stuffing yourself with the finest food and drink the planet has to offer.' -- ES Magazine

'eco-cooks listen up: if you want to know what's in season and how to cook it The Acorn House Cookbook is the perfect guide.' -- Square Meal Magazine

'The recipes are simple and delicious... It is a wonderful thing that we rediscover the joys of gardening and food cultivation.' -- New Statesman

Combining great food with environmental principles, this original cookbook presents a bevy of meals for those who love cooking and care about the planet. Each dish is designed to eliminate wasted ingredients and is oriented towards using fresh, natural, and environmentally friendly foods. Award-winning chef Arthur Potts Dawson draws on his experience at The Acorn House—a leading environmentally-conscience restaurant—to provide a wealth of information on identifying seasonal food, outfitting an eco-kitchen, and using sustainable cooking approaches and techniques. Packed with tips, useful advice, and an inspiring narrative, this innovative guide presents a culinary revolution that meets the environmental and culinary needs of the modern cook.

Arthur Potts Dawson meets Martha Stewart - I love it !!! I would like to take a peek inside these covers:

And if we ever get back to London (I hope, I hope), it would be nice to visit this restaurant ... ANYONE who likes Oak Trees enough to name their property 'Quail Oaks' should definitely eat at a place called Acorn House - right?

I can dream, can't I ???
-- Davielle

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dishes as Therapy

And who wouldn't want to do DISHES with backsplash tile that's as cute as those hand-painted-from-England tiles?!

I've always always always considered hot sudsy water to be really 'therapeutic' - now if I could just get as into the Zen of, say, scrubbing floors, we'd be in terrific shape.

Here's to YOUR therapeutic household chores, whatever they might be -- care to share? POST A COMMENT (puh-leez, post a comment ... sometimes I think - no, I KNOW - that Ann is my most loyal and just-about-only faithful blog reader - LOVE YOU, Ann !! and heck, she HAS to read my blog, 'cause she STARTED me on this venture :-)!)

Anyway - tell me YOUR fave task. I thank you for caring enough to share.
-- Davielle

Every Blade of Grass ...

-- The Talmud

Isn't that the truth? I believe it; do you?

Look at this beautiful, stained-glass-like leaf ... it's fallen off the Rogers Red grapevine in our canyon ... I took this photo yesterday.

If God didn't have a hand in that, I don't know who did!

-- D.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Reminiscing ...

... we had some FUN times this year already - Europe with all three daughters ...

London Calling Fish 'n Chips at Rock 'n Sole The Hills are Alive!

and then my cousin Gianluca and his wife Rossana visited from Cremona, Italy a month or so later -

Oh, and a shot or two of Cara taken for her portfolio ...

YES, it's been a great year - we are truly blessed - and these don't even reflect all the fun with our "grands" this year -- Trevor hitting his first HOMERUN ever, followed in the same game by his second; followed just days later by THREE homers in one game !!! Kaia and Kiara were recently featured on this blog at Kaia's 9th b-day celebration ... YES, it's been a mighty good year.
-- D.

Financial Crisis hits HOME

So you all know that I haven't worked since January 2007, right? And that I have hobbies - scrapbooking & card making, READING voraciously, etc ... right? Well those things cost a lot of moola, friends, yes they do. And the CRUNCH has hit HOME ... so I have made a promise to my dear husband, Mark. {or as some friends like to call him, Marky Mark - yes, "and the funky bunch" does get tacked on there quite often!}

The promise I've made to him is multi-faceted ...

ONE: I will read all the books I already have on hand - before I buy another book. Barnes & Noble would have to send me a Starbucks Card for $50 and a drivered Limo to pick me up before I'll step back inside {for now}. Well, maybe nothing that elaborate, but it doesn't hurt to dream, right?! {stop laughing - stop rolling on your floor laughing - I can do this - you'll see}

TWO: I will borrow books from the Library to read BEFORE spending our (read: Mark's) hard-earned money on books for our own library. If they are worthy, then I'll think hard before buying them -- would I ever re-read them, and are they likely to be read by our houseguests or borrowed by our friends -- IF "yes", then okay. Maybe. {this is going to be oh-so-hard for me}

THREE: I will make our Christmas cards using the supplies I ALREADY HAVE ON HAND in my darling craft room {see photo herein, if I can find it !!!}. I will make other cards - the same way. I will work on our Europe 2008 photo albums and scrapbook -- ditto -- using supplies I already have -- NO MORE SCRAPBOOKING PURCHASES {unless absolutely necessary / unless something runs out like adhesives, etc ... / unless the item is SO DANG IRRESISTABLE that I cannot cannot cannot fathom life without it in my 'collection' of supplies} HALF the charm of this hobby is just in the GAZING UPON these lovely things ... is that true for anyone else out there, or am I just -- related to a Magpie?!

FOUR: I will use the food in our freezer / refrigerator / pantry / cupboards -- BEFORE I hit the grocery stores again; milk & cream & butter & eggs & bread notwithstanding. And speaking of BREAD - that reminds me - ever since they were first put on ther market, I have always longed for - pined for - a BREAD MACHINE. Do I have one? NO NO NO !!! If anyone out there cares to weigh in on this particular kitchen "appliance", please do -- do you have one? Do you USE the thing? How does it work for you? What does the bread taste like? DO I 'NEED' ONE, or is it just silly?

So there, my faithful blog readers, is my list. My Promises to Mark. It's going to be a daily, no, a moment-by-moment STRUGGLE for me -- shopping for scrap & craft supplies & groceries & books is an ADDICTION for me -- it's my Betty Crocker/Martha Stewart side coming out, without the Income-Earning-Breadwinning-Woman side to balance it out.

I need a support group ...

-- Davielle

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Channeling AUDREY

"It's that wonderful old-fashioned idea that others come first and you come second. This was the whole ethic by which I was brought up. Others matter more than you do, so 'don't fuss, dear; get on with it.' "

-- Audrey Hepburn (born 4 May 1929 in Brussels, Belgium; died 20 January 1992 in Tolochenaz, Switzerland)

Isn't that a wonderful sentiment on doing unto others, volunteerism, giving back to your community? Not only was Audrey Hepburn a beauty, a talented actress, and a humanitarian - she was also so darn quotable.

Have a great day, everyone!
-- Davielle (a big Audrey fan, wondering why I don't look this darling when I'm sweeping a floor)

Friday, October 24, 2008

It's going to be ...

oh yes, another day in paradise. Crisp, clear, sunny ...
it seems its to be yet another HOT day around here.

I think I'll start the morning with ... coffee with my friend Nancy, followed by a quick get-together with daughter Kristi, followed by a stop-off back at home to check on Mark and Rocky {not necessarily in that order}, and then it's a late lunch with my girlfriend Willie, who I haven't seen in ages.

So -- when am I ever going to fit in the HOME AS MY HOBBY activities of the day? Hmmmmmmm ...

After all that, I'll surely need a catnap, I think. Like I said, "another day in paradise".

Wait - that's not me that said that. It was ANNE TAINTOR, a kitschy vintage humor artist that I just adore ... you can visit Anne at her website, for all the fun!

Get out there, friends, and have your VERY OWN "day in paradise" ....

- D.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

There's Just Nothin' Cuter than RAT TERRIER PUPPIES

If you don't believe me - and I know you're out there, my dog-loving friends who think Ratties are, well, NOT the cutest breed around -- JUST CHECK THIS OUT:

Thanks to Vickie, who started my quest for fun little Rattie video clips to share
;-) !!! Now she's a dog-lover that is equal opportunity.

And just in case you aren't convinced after seeing the video - here's a baby shot of Rocky, with the late, great Mischief (who I miss terribly, to this day, and it's been almost 2 years now) ...

I think it's time for another orange cat in our household ... but we'd have to consult with Rocky about that, since he once told an 'animal communicator' that he WANTS to be the only pet in our family! Sheesh ...

-- D.

What's in a Name?

Should I re-name my blog? In case you've forgotten what it's under, it's currently "DH2travelers" -- and it's only that because the day I thought I'd look into just what is involved in creating one's own blog, it caught me by surprise, how quick & easy the process really is - getting started, that is. So I grabbed my initials and a cute nickname for Mark and I and voila! that's where "DH2travelers" came from.

But it doesn't "say" anything ... about who I am, or what I'm about, or what my blogspot is about. So my question (and it's a compound one!) is this:

SHOULD I RE-NAME THIS BLOG? Something more personal? Something cute & catchy? Something more descriptive?

IF YOU THINK I SHOULD CHANGE THE BLOG NAME (ie, web address), do you have any suggestions? I'm all ears ...

Thanks for getting involved in this process -- I sat there last night, watching "DWTS, The Results Show" (and after that, ELI STONE, episode two) and I kept jotting down ... random thoughts and ideas for just this subject.

Looking forward to hearing from more than 1 or 2 of you on this ...

-- D.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


My stamping, scrapping, and crafting friends ... check this out!
I just discovered a new blog, TAYLORED EXPRESSIONS, by a darling gal in Pasadena, CA {one of our favorite places to visit, ever, anywhere) ... I was so taken with a card she had posted on her blogspot that I just had to share her blog address on my own! Sadly, I could not save the photo of her adorably BABY CARD featuring the "Diapers, Bottles & Pacifiers - OH MY !!" stamp, BUT I was able to save the image of the clever Stamp Set that it hailed from {see it above}.

Visit her blog and just scroll down to view the card in it's finished form for yourself - it's SO DARN CUTE :-) !!!

And here is her blog address:

I hope this Blog Posting finds you doing well, feeling creative, and enjoying this crisp Fall weather - it's definitely chilly tonight - I'm wearing a jacket with a cashmere scarf to Bible study tonight. Hey, what time is it? OOPS, gotta run !!!

-- D.

Celebrating with Miss K !!

Our youngest "grand", as we like to call her, Miss K, turned 9 last Friday:
Kaia laughing at her Birthday Cards with her mom ... ON her birthday
and celebrated in grand Hawai'ian style at a party on Saturday, including pool play ...
Mom & Auntie / cousin Kiara hits the pinata / Kaia & friend HULA HOOP for a prize
I am not yet a sophisticated enough blogger to have a Photo Album to post here, so you'll have to bear with my ... individual photos! {Sorry; figuring that out is on My List}
A good time was had by all at the pool-followed-by-slumber party for Kaia and her 9th birthday is now one for the books (scrapbooks, that is !!!).
-- her Oma

Monday, October 20, 2008

Super Dog Contest - Winners Announced by Dean Koontz

I promise you this: following this link WILL warm your heart & brighten your day:

I offer this cheery story in loving recognition & memory of ... the late TRIXIE Koontz, former CCI graduate dog and beloved pet (in her retirement) of Dean & Gerda Koontz ... and quite the accomplished author, too, I might add. Trixie's photo appears here:

Happy Birthday, Dear DEBBIE ...

... happy birthday to you!

My dear friend Debbie (the one that my mother once took for my father's "nurse" - although Dad's never HAD a nurse) is celebrating a very important birthday today -- a milestone birthday -- a BIG birthday, shall we say?!

We are both turning the big FIVE-OH this year, and it thrills me to no end that SHE GOT THERE FIRST !!! ;-)

Here's to you, my dear designing friend ... here's to you!

Love - D.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

on a HAPPIER note

On a hap, hap, happier note {than my last post here} -- I have been faithfully checking the blogspot of Kelly Rae Roberts ever since my friend Ann turned me on to KRR a few months ago ... KRR is a most gifted mixed-media artist, and she just oozes charm & integrity. (her blog link is in the column at left, on MY blog).
So I heard Kelly Rae mention this thing called Art Nest, and I thought "hmmm, wonder what that's all about". THEN, in the current issue of Somerset Life magazine, VOILA!, there it was - an article all about ART NEST and the two lovely-sounding ladies who put it all together, Candice and Julie. Their site is at: and their blog is at: -- CHECK THEM OUT if you want to be inspired & then envious of the lucky participants who have experienced an Art Nest Retreat. Ooh la la, it sounds like a vacation to aspire to.

Ah, dreams --


101 Ways to GET A LIFE ...

... How to be HAPPY no matter what's happening. Yes, friends and loyal blog readers, that is the title of a book by Pat Farrell (you can visit her website at for more info). What's it about, you might be asking? From a reader of said book, comes this:

"Happiness is available right here, right now and it is a choice! In 101 Ways to GET A LIFE you will discover how to recognize and prioritize your own values and beliefs leading to your fulfillment. You will recognize your personal passion that leads you to your path, your life's purpose and to finding your own happiness... whatever that means to YOU!"
It's a wise book, full of great uplifting & encouraging "isms". And it's all organized in ALPHA order, something that makes my little word-loving heart go pitter-pat. Heck, I highly recommend this book to any and all that are in need of superb one-page treatises on such life-supporting topics as Authenticity; Boundaries; Compassion; Dignity; Enjoyment; Fulfillment; Gratitude; Harmony; Intimacy; Joy; Knowledge; Laughter; Mastery; Nature; Optimism; Peace; Quiet; Relationship; Spirituality; Trust; Understanding; Vulnerability; and Worthiness (to name quite a few!).
Okay, so why am I blogging about this book, and this topic, tonight?
Because I recently had dinner with the girlfriend who gave me this book way back in 2002. It seems to me that even WAY BACK THEN, this particular friend thought I needed to ... GET A LIFE. You see, what I originally and up-until-this-week I had always viewed as a most loving, interesting, supportive gift -- I now view as her opinion of me and ... OH NO ... my blog.
Because she told me, in front of our other friend, how she NEVER reads my blog - she is "too busy" and she "receives too many e-mails" to be bothered ... with my blog. Basically, the way I took that, she is too busy to want to know what's happening in my world.
Okay, I can honor that. But to tell me to my face? THAT took major courage, didn't it? Now that's a friend who is comfortable with themselves, isn't it. Something to aspire to?
I don't know.
It sure hurt my feelings when she said it.
BLOGGING isn't for everyone, I get that. I'm okay with that. But when someone in the family sends me a kind, loving message like THIS one, received just this morning ...
"It’s a good idea putting your blog www as a header to forwarded mail. I get so busy I hardly have time to scratch. So a gentle reminder of our family out there sharing with us is a GOOD idea. I especially enjoy your book tips and quotes."
OR this one, from my sweet sister (ok, so she might be a bit biased), received just two days ago: "Davi, I read your blog. So does Barbara. It keeps her close to our family. Davi, you have a gift from God. You are creative, witty and funny. I love you."
Or THIS one, from a dear friend: "Your blog spot is wonderful.....very impressive. You are so talented I bookmarked it so I can look at your updates."
I just get all warm & fuzzy inside, reading those kind messages.
So to the friends who might think it's BORING for me to have a blog, that's okay -- but please, before you tell me (or anyone else) what you REEEAAALLLYYYY think of their very personal, creatively expressive way to STAY IN TOUCH with their loved ones ... think twice. Your words just might hit a soft spot and - ouch! - be hurtful.
Signing off, yours in taking care of each other's feelings, which can oft be tender (on their best days),
-- D. (call me a baby, I'm still wearing the bandaids on those sore spots)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

A truly SWEET story

Okay, do you remember, my loyal blog-readers, the post I did a couple months ago about the plight of the honeybee? {If not, it's okay - you can look in the 'older posts' and find it so you can get caught up here}

So now, one of the truly SWEETest stories I ever read, THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES, is out on the big screen -- and it sure looks like it promises to be a good flick. I first read TSLOB when it came out in an Advanced Reader Copy, so it was before it even hit the bookstores -- I knew then, THIS is going to be a big hit. Little did I know it would make it to Hollywood, let alone starring Queen Latifah & Dakota Fanning, et al.

To read about the BOOK, you can visit the author's page at:

To see a movie trailer, you can visit:

And remember, we ALL need to do our part to ... save the honeybees! Read more about this worrisome issue here (link below), KEEPING IN MIND that the average worker bee makes just 1/12 teaspoon of honey IN ITS LIFETIME:

How sweet it would be to see a reversal of this terrible honey bee decline, hmmm? (or should I just say buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz !?)

Friday, October 17, 2008

the Fortune Cookie says ...

Isn't that a sweet reminder? I just picked up the phone & called my darling mother in law. I sure hope the call brought her a smile or two.

It's YOUR turn to brighten someone's day. Just do it !!!

-- D.

October 17, 2008

Today is ... a special day. Our youngest "grand", Miss K, turns 9 today; it's absolutely beautiful here in So Cal this morning; my husband returns tomorrow from his week-long backpacking trip; and God help me, I have a batch of fresh, hot scones just about to come out of the oven. Could it be any better than all that?

Rocky gets his nails trimmed this morning, and then I get my nails done later today. Rock Star and I have coined today "Beautification Day", and he's asked me to launder his fave blankie, the one he lays on in the dining room, in the sunshine, chewing on his Nylabones -- all day -- well, all day except when he's whining & woofling at the front window 'cause he sees LIZARDS outside.

My office -- it's coming along -- there's more to be done, though, so this is SHORT for this morning. (I'll just bet you're relieved ;-) !!) Will post some photos later on ...

-- D.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Does anyone read my blog?

Somehow, I feel like I need a "gimmick" - something I am known for, other than my charm, wit, my effervescent sense of humor, my giving nature ... because I just don't think anyone reads my blog.

You are probably thinking to yourself (if you're even READING this entry) "who does she think she is? does she think it's all about HER?" -- and you would be -- right. And yet, wrong.

In it's basest sense, YES, a Blog is -- all about (fill in the blank with the blog author's name). But isn't that the point? So that friends and family can KNOW (or get to know) what that person is all about, and what they're up to?

See my quote, friends, in the left-hand column - the quote from John Muir. For me, it is the perfect way to express -- why I blog. To stay CONNECTED. So you see, I can also argue that it's not all about ME, but it's about wanting to stay connected to ... YOU.

And - it's a way that I can comfortably express myself. I don't work, and right now, I'm not involved with any particular "committees" in the community. So I am not getting that "involved" feeling. You might ask why I don't just re-up with one of them, then. Well, for a number of reasons. It is time to take a break from DOING and work on -- myself, my home, my marriage. Although some might argue that it all sounds quite, I don't know -- selfish?

But when you really, really think about it -- is it selfish to put one's health and one's family - first? I don't think so.

My creative energies need restoration; my communication-with-my-family-and-especially-with-my-husband skills -- need a tune up. So -- call me selfish, but I'm working on THOSE priorities, and to help me maintain my sanity through it all -- I blog.

You might think I post too often to my blogspot. That's okay, you can think that. Heck I think it myself. But I do what I do, and it's my blog. If you want different rules, then maybe you should have YOUR own blogspot, too. It's a lot of fun - once you get rolling.

So please don't judge or criticize me for having a blog, but if you DO HAVE AN OPINION - like my photos or entries or content is -- boring? not cool enough? LET ME KNOW. I love a good interchange.

Our youngest "grand" has a birthday tomorrow - she's 9 - and so it's a BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION WEEKEND for us -- and I'm looking forward to it.

Have a great afternoon and evening, folks.
-- D.

Want a little peek at some truly ARTFUL blogging? I find Somerset magazines (all of their publications) to be incredible eye-candy, inspiring, beautiful - to digest and peruse and take ideas from. Check this one out:

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Got this lovely "thought" from my friend Judy this lovely afternoon:


Today, when I awoke, I suddenly realized that this is the best day of my life, ever.
There were times when I wondered if I would make it to today; but I did!
And because I did I'm going to celebrate!
Today, I'm going to celebrate what an unbelievable life I have had so far:
the accomplishments, the many blessings, and, yes, even the hardships
because they have served to make me stronger.
I will go through this day with my head held high and a happy heart.
I will marvel at God's seemingly simple gifts:
the morning dew, the sun, the clouds, the trees, the flowers, the birds.
Today, none of these miraculous creations will escape my notice.
Today, I will share my excitement for life with other people.
I'll make someone smile.
I'll go out of my way to perform an unexpected act of kindness for someone I don't even know. Today, I'll give a sincere compliment to someone who seems down.
I'll tell a child how special he is, and I'll tell someone I love just how deeply I care for them
and how much they mean to me.
Today is the day I quit worrying about what I don't have and start being grateful for all the wonderful things God has already given me.
I'll remember that to worry is just a waste of time because my faith in God
and his Divine Plan ensures everything will be just fine.
And tonight, before I go to bed, I'll go outside and raise my eyes to the heavens.

I will stand in awe at the beauty of the stars and the moon,
and I will praise God for these magnificent treasures.
As the day ends and I lay my head down on my pillow,
I will thank the Almighty for the best day of my life.
And, I will sleep the sleep of a contented child, excited with expectation because I know tomorrow is going to be the best day of my life, ever!
I hope you ALL go out and have THE BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE - EVER - tomorrow, and every tomorrow after that. -- D.

CUPPING - a whole new experience - kinda crazy, kinda cool

So ... friends ... I had a new experience at my acupuncture appointment yesterday: CUPPING.

Heard of it? You may have read, earlier this year, that Gwyneth Paltrow caused a stir at a New York film premiere when she appeared in a low cut top revealing a back covered in large circular bruises. At first glance they looked like large love bites, but in fact they were caused by a form of alternative therapy. Gwyneth had cupping, a kind of acupuncture.

There are two ways to do this - one involves placing heated cups over the skin to encourage blood flow and ease stress, aches and pains. The other, which is the kind I had done, involves a valve that turns until the air is suctioned out of the glass cup, leaving a vacuum seal against your skin.

SO ... what is cupping? Cupping has been practised for thousands of years for the treatment of disease and pain. Here's a link to a good article, complete with a video clip, that paints a good picture:

But if you want to see what I looked like a couple hours after my cupping yesterday, here you go:

Ingrid, my acupuncturist, told me that I better remember to tell Mark what I had done the minute he gets home - she's had patients go home & forget to mention it, and their spouses thought they had hickeys !!! (those would be some giant hickeys, though, wouldn't they?!)

For anyone who thinks I am a big baby -- here's proof that I can TAKE IT with the best of you! LOL ...


... makes the whole world kin.

Don't you love that?

And the charm of Mary Engelbreit's artwork ... makes me smile.

On this oh-so-beautiful mid-week day, I can't stop thinking about
the healing properties of ... NATURE.

Happy Wednesday to you all !!!

-- Davielle