Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Beautiful Day

There is an old Japanese saying ...

"Let the past drift away with the water."

A couple of Sundays ago, Mark and I took a late-afternoon hike at Torrey Pines State Park.   I have been visiting TPSP since I was a very very little girl. 
{sister Francia, brother Jay, and a young Davielle}

I have fond memories of hiking through a trail that has been closed for years & years now ... it was known as "Fat Man's Misery", and with good reason.  Anyone out there remember that trail?!

Fortunately, Mark and I have made our life right here in Encinitas - just a few freeway exits north of my hometown of Del Mar ... so Torrey Pines is still just about 12 minutes away from home.   We are also blessed to have our red & cream sandstone canyon here on our property, with some wonderful Torrey Pine (tree) specimens of our very own.

{one of several Torrey Pines in our canyon}

But when we need a relaxing and mind-altering hike, we always head to Torrey Pines, the State Park ... the real deal.

If you're visiting from out of town, I can assure you, with all certainty, you do not want to miss TORREY PINES. Even better - invite me to join you there and we can have a new memory to share!

The photo below was taken on 1/24/10 by me, at Torrey Pines State Park, and when I read the quote about letting the past drift away with the water ... I flashed on this image ... you can just feel the power of the ocean, and you just KNOW inside that your worries can be taken out on the tide.  

It sure gives me a very peaceful feeling ...

--  Davielle

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CalBuckeye said...

I was a Docent at TPSR for years back in the early 90's Davi. I too adore this place and lucky us, it is so close by. Your blog makes me want to head back there -it's been too long. And oh yes, Fat Man's Misery trail? Although still closed to the general public, we docents had the joy of hiking it with an old time ranger (who's now at another Calif State Park) and we all fit! Whew, lucky us.