Saturday, July 17, 2010


So many bloggers have the comments left on their posts set to "moderate".   I didn't, in the beginning - until I had a comment post that was inappropriate.   Ever since then, I've opted to moderate comments to this blog.

Here's my 'beef' ... when someone leaves a comment IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE, how on earth will I know what it says, IF it says anything at all, etc etc etc.   It's very frustrating for me.

If the person leaving the comment can READ my blog / blog posts, then I could assume / presume that they read and write English ... right?   So why leave a comment that I cannot read?   I find it very frustrating.

For months now, I have received "comments to be moderated" from someone who leaves them in what looks to be Japanese or Chinese ... I can't tell ... I just reject them all.    Could they be "spam" comments?  They could be.   I'll never know, will I ???  It's all Greek to me, as they say.

Okay, for the sake of putting this one to bed, I copied & pasted a recent comment into Google translater - it 'detected' Chinese, and it translated it thus:

We're too old too fast, but smart too late

So was this the commenters 'original' thought, did it have any relativity to the post I had created?   I'll have to go back to check.

And for curiosity's sake, I pulled up another recent comment they left ... it translated to this:

Water is always the same, but they are new every moment

These random "comments" are seem to be nothing more than Chinese sayings or proverbs.  I find it discouraging that someone is choosing to comment with a non-comment to my posts, or that my blog has been chosen to be spammed.   What a poop of a discovery!

So that's my BLOGGER BEEF of the day. the week. the month.   I guess.

Thanks for listening.

-- Davielle

If you should find yourself in need of a good translation now and then, here's the link:


Just call me Silly Sal said...

I had the same problem Davi. Elena's mom read the Chinese and it was porn. I too monitor comments and anything that I can't read I just reject. Another good translating sight is

I Am Princess Magpie said...

Sally, thanks for backing me up on this. I was so tired of the near-daily "comments" from this bozo. Of course, I don't know why I didn't know that BLOGGER has a built-in SPAM "seeker". :-)