Tuesday, February 1, 2011

even MORE techno difficulties today ...

Aaarrrggghhhh ....

Not only am I having a few little glitches getting my new blog background to look just right over on Princess Magpie ... ( http://iamprincessmagpie.blogspot.com )  but now I'm having issues here.  Right here.

I wanted to freshen up THIS blog's background, too - and I always rely on the amazing "cute 'n cool backgrounds" for the best of all backgrounds.

So for THIS blog, I found a cool, funky background -- and when I copy it's code into my blog, it makes it FLASH on the page for a blip of a moment - and then it reverts back to ... what you'll see here now.  

Go figure.  And if you DO figure, would you let me know?

Yours in getting this figured out,

~~  Davielle

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