Tuesday, September 1, 2009



If you view NOTHING ELSE via YouTube, etc. the rest of this year ... DO visit Patti Digh's blog by clicking on the link I've included, just below, and VIEW ALL FIVE of the most amazing videos I think I've ever seen.


They tell the story of a wonderful teacher in Japan, a man who has 4th grade children SHARING THEIR FEELINGS, CARING FOR EACH OTHER, PRACTICING and EXPERIENCING EMPATHY and being LOVING, WARM, OPEN, and HONEST.

This man says, "Let People Live In Your Heart"; he says "When People Really Listen, They Live In Your Heart Forever". Wise words.

And that is just what I gleaned from the first video. There are five.

I believe that you, like me, will be enamored of this concept, dearly wishing it could be so, right here, in wherever your hometown is, wherever your children and your children's children and your neighbor's children ... go to school.

Wouldn't this be a beautiful world if that were so?

-- Davielle

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