Friday, May 21, 2010


Last month, I came across a daily reading in our LIVING FAITH (Daily Catholic Devotions) that struck me as ... very heartfelt.  As if it were written by someone with ... experience on the topic.

It was written by Kristin Armstrong, "mother of three, a writer and a runner.  Her fourth book is WORK IN PROGRESS: An Unfinished Woman's Guide to Grace."   Click here to see what her other books are ... and to read a short bio on Kristin.

I think you'll find it (somewhat) interesting to learn that she is the former wife of cyclist Lance Armstrong.

So when I read this Living Faith "post", I bookmarked it ... and here it is, in its entirety:

Monday April 19
'Remove from me the way of falsehood, and favor me with your law.'  Psalm 119:29

We don't make a conscious decision to turn towards the dark path of deceit.  We don't wake up one day and decide that being a person of good character is overrated.  We don't suddenly develop a penchant for dwelling in a pit.

No, departure from integrity is more subtle and insidious than that, more like taking a wrong turn and ending up lost -- in a bad neighborhood.  It's allowing for a small deviation from the truth, rationalizing it and downplaying it, so the next indiscretion seems like no big deal -- and likewise the next and the next, until one can no longer remember how it felt to be clean.  It isn't enough to try to avoid deceit; we have to actively pursue truth.  We have to be intentional and diligent about seeking God's teaching and living in the light.

Lord, help me become so attuned to your teaching that a subtle tug of your Spirit is enough to turn me around.
-- Kristin Armstrong

Read what you will here, and take from it what you will.  That's all I ask.

-- Davielle

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