Saturday, January 8, 2011

2011: Color of the Year

Thanks to my friend BETH NICHOLLS of England, who I was fortunate to meet at AN ARTFUL JOURNEY in February 2010 - I've discovered Pantone's Color of the Year, 2011:  Honeysuckle.

At first read, you might envision a yellow color - after all, most honeysuckle blooms are yellow. 

But this, THIS color - this engaging and vibrant PINK - is spot on.  (or spotT on, with two t's - if your name is Lorrie, with two r's !)

And here in Southern California, I first met a to-die-for honeysuckle variety known as "Pink Lemonade" - isn't this luscious?   I still "need" one in my own yard, because the colors & the scents are ... heavenly.

So I pose the question to you, as Beth did to readers of her blog, DO WHAT YOU LOVE ...

What is YOUR color for this new year, 2011?

I am adopting Pantone's HONEYSUCKLE, paired (pun intended) with a PEAR GREEN of sorts. 

Coincidentally, I came across my box of these notecards ON MY DESK as I was reading Beth's blog post about color:  "Nantucket" thank you notes (by Peter Pauper Press, Inc.) available at Barnes & Noble -

I encourage you to visit Beth at her DO WHAT YOU LOVE site/blog - I think you'll be happy you did! 

Happy New Year to you all,


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