Friday, January 21, 2011

I Love Books, too !!!

My friend Karen Caterson ("Square-Peg People") has a lovely new post up on her blog:


In these busy days (and who doesn't 'suffer' from those?) it's often easy for me to skip reading my friends' blogs - there are so many that I often get overwhelmed and just don't visit ANY of them for weeks on end.  This morning, in looking down my list of "Blogs to Read Every Day" (I had good intentions, I really did), in my "favorites", there was SQUARE PEG PEOPLE and I just knew I had to stop in.

Am I glad I did.  Karen and I are so often "on the same page" (get it? the same page!) that it's way cool.  She's always spot on, and I can count on Karen to comment on my blog posts, too.  :-)  We're just like that.

I LOVE BOOKS, too.  Ask anyone - my family, my friends, my neighbors, my husband, my enemies even know it, I'm sure.  I LOVE BOOKS.   And yet, I rarely take the time to review them any more.  Or to post about them.  I've even stopped FaceBook'ing about what I'm reading.

Right now, I'm 3/4 of the way through PRAYERS FOR SALE by Sandra Dallas.  A new author to me, I'm loving her style and I'm loving this book.  I don't want it to end.  And then I'm going to find some of her other books. 

Thank you, Karen, for reminding me to share.  I want to share with others. 

You're the best, KC.

(who calls this blog DH2travelers, and coming soon, the list of where we're headed this year)

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ann said...

off to library today - i'll check her out.
don't know how long i can keep that lasagna in freezer - it's calling to me!