Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday, July 18, 2008 - YES, Mark and I are watching the Tour de France

To every and anyone wondering if Mark and I are, in fact, watching this year's Tour de France - the answer is "YES". Although we fell a good bit out of love with Pro Cycling when our friend Floyd experienced a TdF WIN in 2006, and then LOST the "win" and that coveted yellow jersey from Paris because of a hotly-contested-by-Floyd (and I have to say, with hard scientific evidence proving him innocent of wrongdoing) fiasco of a 'hearing' - sorry, JUST STOP ME NOW - back to the topic. We do still love cycling; Mark is still racing at the Masters' level (we call it 'old guys racing'!); and this year, I've taken to viewing le Tour from the perspective of one who just never knew anyone (Floyd) who raced at that level == it's the only way I can derive any pleasure whatsoever from the Race. So now you all know where we stand on pro cycling (we're still behind Floyd, 100%) and I (Davi) can only bear to watch this sport that I so love -- by pretending to be 'just another fan'. There you have it. Is it disheartening to hear of the 'drug busts' at this Tour? Sure. Big deal. At least CYCLING is one sport that is DOING something about the problem. And it IS a problem, it just is. If YOU want to see what's happening daily at this year's Tour de France - or any other bike races, for that matter - visit and look on the left-hand column for the big races - all links are there. RIDE ON !!! -- Davielle

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