Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Trevor's Baseball Camp Experience Keeping Me Busy

Hey, it's been like 'baseball grandma' week around here, only it's only TUESDAY :-) morning and I can SOOOOOO appreciate now what moms & full-time grandmas/great-grandmas (you know who you are, Melba!) do for their sports-involved offspring. WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trevor is in Camp all week (with America's Baseball Camps), down at Mission Bay High, and he's enjoying it. Camp began Sunday with 5 hours of HITTING. Monday was more hitting and catching. Each day begins with AN HOUR of STRETCHING - ouch! The kids range in age from 8 - 16, so Trevor being 13 is right in the middle.

I'm loving being a part of this experience with him, and he is spending this week at our house, so it's extra fun - I get to do his baseball LAUNDRY :-) -- thank you, Melba, for the tip to use BORAX (yes, folks, Twenty Mule Team BORAX removes stains and freshens the laundry - it's amazing stuff!).

Whew, it's time to get Trevor up for his Tuesday Camp Experience - today's focus for Trevor: PITCHING. He'll focus on catching tomorrow and Friday.

Keep us in your thoughts & prayers!

Gotta run -- Davi

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