Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Oh, what a fun time was had by all on Monday night! Photo at left is Cara, Kristina, Rossana, Gianluca, and me (Davi) ...

There is NOTHING, just NOTHING like spending time with family - from near AND far, it can't be beat for hands-down QUALITY TIME.

Having Gianluca and his wife, Rossana, visit us here in San Diego was a real treat - we spent Sunday afternoon sharing lunch al fresco in my backyard, visiting with my father, Frank - we then all went to the home of my cousin Jon and his wife, Diane, who live in Solana Beach ...
What an evening! Jon & Diane & Jon Flavio, Linn & Bill, Jimmy, Marc, Scott & Maria, me & Mark, Sierra, Kristina & Trevor & Kiara, Cara & Kaia & Richie, and of course, Gianluca & Rossana. Let's see - am I missing anyone?
All I can say is this: when the day comes when ALL our California family can come together to share such an occasion with our relatives from Italy, it will be a wonderful thing. I can't wait!

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