Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Art of Being a Neighbor

Besides wishing everyone a Happy, blessed EASTER today, I wanted to say this about 'community' -- the following story {yes, you must click the link to get the story - I am not going to re-cap it for you} will OPEN YOUR EYES.

Webster's defines COMMUNITY like this:

"A body of people having common organization or interests or living in the same place under the same laws; hence, an assemblage of animals or plants living in a common home under similar conditions."

All I know is that EVE BIRCH has re-defined 'Community' for me, and for many others, with this lifestyle shift.

Counting my blessings, and hoping you're counting yours, too. Whatever they might be.

-- Davielle

1 comment:

ann said...

I haven't thought about 'this i believe' since my daughter had to write an essay for it for work.

can't find it so i don't know if she ever submitted it, but I do know it was about CCI.

nice to be reminded.