Monday, April 6, 2009

I THOUGHT IT WAS JUST ME (but it isn't)

So I'm wandering thru blog-land this afternoon, taking a look at what other participants have posted for their BSM (that's Best Shot Monday) image, and I stumbled upon this ...

Long story, made as short as I can make it:

Artist KELLY RAE ROBERTS has long featured a "button" on her blog and website to this book by Brene' Brown, and I've never made the time to delve into it any further. But today, on Tracey Clark's blogsite, the gal who introduced me to BSM (again, that's BEST SHOT MONDAY), I found a very in-my-face entry. Tracey, thank God, put it out there that she's participating in a Read-Along, and being the voracious reader (and obviously, blogger/writer) that I am, I had to take a look at what that was all about.

So there you have it - my Full Circle story. I'm on my way to pick up my own copy of I THOUGHT IT WAS JUST ME (but it isn't) by author Brene' Brown ... for anyone not living within spitting distance of a Barnes and Noble, like I do, visit this link to buy it through Amazon.

I hope plenty more like-minded invidivuals join us on this Read-Along.

Gotta sign off now -- time's a wasting!

-- Davielle

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corin said...

I stumbled across brene's blog a few months "accident". After starting this read along, I now know it was no accident. Love her book and the information. I am enjoying your long winded posts for the projects...I think the amount of thinking that is going on between all of us is amazing. As for your comment on my son's baseball blogpost~ it sounds like they could be baseball soul mates!!! It doesnt get any better than watching them in their element. My son is also a catcher when he's not pitching!! I look forward to following your journey out here in blogger land.