Thursday, April 2, 2009

Rocky and Sophie and Max

A Tail of Two Rhodesian Ridgebacks and One Rat Terrier

Sophie (on hind legs), Rocky (fawning at Max's face) and Max, in the foreground ...
SIZE DIFFERENTIAL? What size differential?!
Rocky never once thought that either of these gorgeous Rhodesian Ridgebacks was "too big" for him to play with. Au contraire ... they were JUST THE RIGHT SIZE to make a complete mess of our bed ... {yes, it WAS made when they started their play session}

How cute is this?

But wait, there's more ...

Max can't figure out what all the fuss {and fun} is about - chasing after small dogs just isn't his "thing"

but Sophie ... she LOVES to play with the little dogs !!!

finally, Sophie and Rocky, all tuckered out !!

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