Saturday, July 25, 2009

Calling All Hearts - Megan's Story, as shared by Kelly Rae Roberts

As I just posted over on my Princess Magpie blog page, artist & possibilitarian & humanitarian KELLY RAE ROBERTS has shared with us a story of a woman facing devastating health challenges, and to make it worse: healthCARE / insurance challenges.

PLEASE PLEASE, this story could be YOUR story. It could be MY story. It could be your MOTHER's or your SISTER's or your BEST FRIEND's story. It could be your AUNT's story, or your NIECE's story, or your DAUGHTER's story.

Take a moment to read, and if you can, make a donation -- any amount will help. BUT EVEN IF YOU CANNOT DONATE to help Megan ... please, please keep her and her loved ones in your gentle thoughts and in your prayers.

We can all be COMMUNITY for one another, right?

-- Davielle

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