Friday, July 31, 2009

TGIF: Trust, Gratitude, Inspiration FRIDAY

I visited Brene Brown's ORDINARY COURAGE web / blog page this morning, but it must be too early yet for her weekly TGIF (Trust,Gratitude, Inspiration Friday)posting. So I decided I would just go ahead and post my TGIF musings here, on my own.

If you've never visited Brene's site, you owe it to yourself if you care at all about ... life, motherhood, shame resilience, parenting issues, etc etc etc. She's full of life & light, love & hope & encouragement for us all.

Me, today, I am ...

TRUST: I am trusting that I have made the right choice in rheumatologists. It's not my way to seek a second opinion; I've always trusted my physicians, but as I get older, and as I seek clearer answers, it was suggested to me by an amazing, heart-full doctor friend, that I do just that: seek a 2nd opinion, not just from my rheumatologist, but from my neurologist. So I have done that. I am happy with my new docs, and am hopeful about our new direction.

GRATITUDE: I am grateful that I am in a position to HAVE the choice ... of physicians, of care, of medications, of hospital and lab and radiology and testing facilities ... that I do have. Many in our very own country go without health care at all. I am truly fortunate to be in this position. I am MOST grateful for my husband, Mark, who provides so well for our family ...

INSPIRATION: I am inspired by those who MAKE ART EVERY DAY. Or almost every day. It is my desire, it is my goal, it is my wish -- to be like that. {all I have to do is get beyond the mental and real voices - yes, others do say things to discourage me - that tell me "you can't make art unless your house is all in order", or "you can't make art, because you have too many other tasks to do first", or "you can't make art all the time, because you just aren't that good".) ART every day ... should be PRESCRIBED to any and all who seek it and need it and love it ... like I do ... and/or who could use ART TIME to heal.

So ... "QUIET, voices. I am going to make art today. And Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week. And after that ... as OFTEN as I possibly can, and I am promising myself that I will MAKE ART a priority."

I wish you all a beautiful Friday, and a beautiful weekend ...

{photo is of a bottle I was washing out; when the bubbles got caught inside, I just had to photograph it}

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