Friday, July 10, 2009

short but sweet, from Lainate (Milano) ITALY

Just a qhas uick note to say that we all arrived SAFE AND SOUND to Italy yesterday morning. I'm sitting by the beautiful pool on the patio, because this is the only place at my cousin Guido's hotel that I have INTERNET access. This would be better at night, in the dark, as there's so much glare that all I see onthe monitor is ME in my darling outfit for today :-).

We flew out of SD on thurs am - very comfortable and uneventful flights to JFK and into Malpensa airport here in Milan. Two cousins met us at the airport - Guido and Enrica, and they guided us here to the Hotel. It's been a wonderful experience.

Meeting all this family (my father's mother's side) has been amazing. Very gracious, very loving, very happy to have us all here.

Some pics for now -- the glare is terrible. Today we head into Milan for a very long day of sights and pleasures and meals. THE LAST SUPPER is on our list, and our entire group is the only group going in at our allotted time. ;-)

Ciao for now ...

Davielle & Mark and Family

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dama said...

Davi~So happy to know that you're all safe & sound. :) Can't wait to hear Frank's version of all the wonderful moments spent with family. I'm sure he's shed a tear or two. Praying for safe travels and look forward to FINALLY getting together when you return. :) Love to each~ Judy xo