Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Re-Prioritizing after Italy

Family and Friends,

It's been a whirlwind month so far, and I know that I've been very remiss in posting things to my blogs ... all three of them !!! so by way of an explanation, here's what I have to offer:

I am settling into a different sort of schedule here at home, especially now that we are back from our Family Reunion trip to Italy. We were away from July 9 to 17, and in that short time, so many things ...

Piled up.
Came up.
Sorted themselves out.
Made themselves unnecessary.
Became important.
Screamed for attention.

Etc Etc Etc.

So ... my buzz-word of the moment is: STREAMLINE.

Between home and health issues, and sorting ourselves out after a trip to Europe with 14 of our relatives (16 all told went from California to Italy for the Reunion -- and all on the same flights!), I have taken on the challenge (to myself, from myself, by myself) of STREAMLINING my world.

My home office is a paperwork disaster -- but it's patiently awaiting my attention, so I am going to give it what it's asking for. More of my time to clear it all up!

My home art studio, my MAS (My Art Space), is waiting for me to re-claim it, to make those cafe curtains to block the afternoon sun, to SPEND TIME IN THERE, Creating. Art.

I have a stack of books so high, it topples. It's now in TWO piles, both resembling, oddly enough, the Leaning Tower of Pisa :-). You all know how I love to read ... never without a book in hand or purse. A day rarely passes that I've not read for pleasure. Since when should I feel GUILTY about all that? Answer: since I have so many in the piles, and since I have a messy office - LOL.

Long explanation short --
here's the bottom line --
the Reader's Digest Condensed Version:

I may not be posting as much as I did before, but I hope that is only temporary. Two weeks, tops. I miss my blogs, I miss all your "visits" and "comments" to them, and I feel the need to continue to express myself -- be it on HERE, about family and friends and our travels; or on PRINCESS MAGPIE, about my creative adventures; and mostly, on the blog for my father's trip to Italy, FRANKIE GOES TO ITALY (unfortunately, the e-account I set it up with has gone dormant and I have to sort all that out before I can post anew to FRANKIE -- grrrrr).

I'll be back soon. I promise!

-- Davielle

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Lyn said...

OH NO....Davi, I so enjoy reading your blogs before I head off to bed. Dang.....at least I still have Ann and Vickie's adventures to enjoy. Hugs and Love...Lyn