Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Day the COYOTES Came to Play

Just when you thought I'd abandoned my blog(s), here I am ... I'm back!
As I stood at the master bedroom window this morning, appreciating the abundance of Wisteria blooms on our vine {the one that's planted outside the breakfast nook that is now up to the 2nd story and draping our balcony off the Master - THAT glorious vine} ... something caught my eye.

WHOA. A coyote, at 8:45 am - in the misty remains of our morning - hunting just behind our "barn" {where the pumpkin truck lives}.

I called Mark to come up and we both took a good look with the binoculars, just enjoying the sight.

look closely ... there's TWO of 'em

And then - Coyote Number Two {the one we now call 'Wounded' ... you'll see why shortly} appeared. A PAIR. In broad daylight. Right there, out back. Within shouting distance. Whoa.


"Where's Rocky," I asked. Not to worry - he was at our heels, wondering what all the fuss was about.
I then took a run downstairs for the camera {Canon G9, in case anyone's wondering} and thank God, the pair was still there ... I got some shots before they moved over to a spot ... get this ... CLOSER to the balcony, so I could get even better photos. Whoa.
This pair proceeded to visit the very same woodpile that Rocky visits DAILY, seeking lizards. I now know what else he's seeking: the SOURCE of that SCENT they're leaving behind. You'll see.

Coyote at Rocky's fave woodpile ... which is positively teeming with Lizard Life

And then - get this. They drank from our MISTY BIRDBATH, one of three on the property. You'll see.

And then - one of them ran across our driveway, right over to our front lawn. Then changed his {her?} mind and the pair of them went down the driveway a bit ...
Moments later, a very large, very fast RABBIT came bounding up the drive, into sight -- shortly thereafter followed by two galloping coyotes, who lost the chase. Whoa.
WHAT A MORNING !!! my last shot of the AM was this, which I call 'Coyote in Camo' ...

Thank God for the blooming WISTERIA, eh ???


Lyn said...

We are seeing coyotes all around our neighborhood too. Walking down the street at 8:30pm.
I worry that Ronie and I will run into them on our daily sunrise walk. !!!!!

ann said...

Great shots!