Monday, March 9, 2009

Morning Glory

Woke up to the blooming Pink Jasmine and Wisteria this morning, and after a terrible night's sleep, let me tell you - there's nothing quite so lovely.

Rocky hasn't adjusted to DST yet, so slept in 'til 7:15 am ... but he's up for his day now.

Just wanted to post some other happy images I awakened to, so you'll see that when I 'clarified' my position last evening on here, you see that I mean it ...
This blog is NOT intended for airing of all our laundry, not by any means. It's INTENDED for random musings, mostly uplifting & happy ones, and to STAY IN TOUCH with family & friends.
But I was reading some of a book last night in the bath about ART JOURNALS as HEALING and they do point out, over and over, that if WE {the actual, collective WE .... not some vague "they"} SPEAK OUR TRUTHS, be it about an unhappy situation, or an illness, or a troubling spot in our life -- then OTHERS {all - those close to us and those strangers to us} can find RELIEF in the speaking. If those of us who HAVE A VOICE are willing to SPEAK OUT, so that others see that they're not alone -- then isn't that what BUILDING COMMUNITY is all about?
Okay, stop me before I ramble further ... I need my morning coffee with Ovaltine!
-- Davielle

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