Saturday, March 7, 2009

Don't Rain on My Parade

This one's for Karyl, 'cause she likes it when I blog about a PET PEEVE or something. I'm all into the 'airing it out' zone this morning ... here we go.

I'm about to head to Poway for two much-anticipated ART WORKSHOPS and I get a phone call from my sweetie {and this morning, I use the term loosely, tongue in cheek} that he's on his way to a friend's house. So I remind him that I'll be gone when he returns and there's this palpable PAUSE ... then comes the SIGH ... then he waits. For me to ask 'what's wrong?'. Stupid me!

Then he sits there, silent again. Don't you just love getting the SILENT TREATMENT when you are on the PHONE? You cannot tell what's going on.

So I ask 'by any chance are you MAD that I'm heading out for the day?'

BINGO. He says, with that deep {make that DEEP} sigh-tone in his voice, 'it's not that I'm mad - I'm just very disappointed'.

GIVE ME A BREAK. Do not call to rain on my parade, do not try to RUIN my mood when I'm on my way to HAPPY TIMES. Art classes and workshops are like THERAPY for me ... it's FUN, it's ENJOYABLE, it's RELAXING, and it's MY FREEKING THERAPY. Do NOT try to mess with my head when I'm going there.

As Charlie Brown or Snoopy or whichever Peanuts character used to say:

Aaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhh !!!!!

-- Davielle

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