Tuesday, March 3, 2009

PONY boy

The words "pony boy" recently took on all new meaning for me.
In those olden days, my Nana {mother's mother} used to sing to me ... "Pony boy, Pony boy, won't you be my Pony boy? Don't say no, here we go - far across the plains ... Marry me, carry me, be my honeydew ... Giddy-up, giddy-up, giddy-up, WHOOOOOA ... my Pony boy."

Well, each time I see a notation in the calendar that "grand" Trevor has a PONY practice or game, it reminds me of Nana, and that silly little jingle from my childhood.
But PONY {as in baseball} is quite different, I've found. It's not always a nice, neat little jingle-like experience. It can be rough, it can be heartbreaking, it can seem unfair {if one draws a really 'off' ump, anyway} ... but heck, that's baseball. That's life.

So PONY SEASON opened on Saturday, February 28, 2009 for Trevor and his team - the Tennessee Volunteers. I missed opening ceremonies and their first game {they won, 3-0}, but did get down to El Cajon for their second game, on Sunday 3-1 {they lost, score not worth mentioning - remember my comment above about the "off" umpire?!}.

But oh, the Church of Baseball. And those meatball sandwiches from the snack bar {which, ahem, I did NOT partake of --- but Kristi & Kiara sure did !!!}. Me, I stuck with a nice, chilly can of Diet Coke.
And it probably goes w/o saying, but I'll say it anyway -- you DO know what a new team means for Kristina & I ... right? It means we {oh, yes} need to find ORANGE / shades of orange clothes to wear to the games. For while Pony might not have cheerleaders, the families DO have team spirit. Yes, we do !!!

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corin said...

the church of baseball. love it!! I once had college ballplayers staying at my house from michigan. they went to the baseball hall of fame as we are only 2 hours from it. one of the boys called his father and said "dad, I went to church today". His father knew exactly what he meant. Watching my sons baseball definitely feeds my spirit. kinda goes along with your post for today about thirst and hunger.