Saturday, February 28, 2009

what does HAPPY look like? or WE LOVE OUR ART CLASS

They {those ANONYMOUS they, that is} say that ...

"A mother's children are portraits of herself."
-- Anonymous

If that's true - and I believe that it is - there must be some very pleased & proud mothers out in the world, because the people I've spent the last six weeks in art class with -- are remarkable portraits of humanity. I love these folks ...

I was struck this week with just how HAPPY everyone in our class is -- take a look:

Jane, with Lauren in the background, having a whole lotta fun !!!

and the things we've learned ... for instance, did you know that sitting and standing with your feet in a pigeon-toed position OPENS UP one's sacrum? WHO KNEW?! {or as Jane quipped, "I've heard the word sacrum used in yoga class, but never in art class!"}

and WHO KNEW that bunnies & dangling things could make one so happy? but just look at Liz here ... she's so pleased ... she had FUN !!!

and Kenneth, who loves SHINY THINGS -- had a lot of fun making his own rubber stamps, and digitally altering his work, changing the colors, mixing the patterns up

and then there's Kenneth's charming bride, Rachel, who had fun with TREE BARK:

Calista shared part of the morning with us ... just having FUN watching all the sharing of projects & progress

and then there's the FRONT TABLE LADIES - boy, do they have a lot of fun in class !!!

Here's NOEL smiling it up for us all ...

see what I mean? Linda and Noel doing one of the things they do best {right up there with their artwork ...} -- SMILING !!!

And as if all THAT wasn't enough happiness, here's JANE showing off her snazzy red Converse, with the sketch pages from Danny Gregory's AN ILLUSTRATED LIFE, in which Jane has a whole chapter:
and she even autographed my copy of the book !!!

So THAT's what "HAPPY" looks like !!!!
-- Davielle


Jane LaFazio said...

oh!! I love this! It so makes me smile, Davi! thanks so much!

Melly Testa said...

You are very lucky people! I love Jane and her energy, I get to see her once in a while (beside our virtual friendship)! To be taught and laugh with her on a regular basis? Luckster.

Holle said...

I am Noel's proud daughter.
Thank you so much for having such a wonderful place, full of lovely people, for my mom to share her incredible creativness!
Seeing her happy shining face lights up my heart.
My love to all of you,

Davielle (aka, Princess Magpie) said...

it's comments like Holle's, daughter of fellow art student Noel, that make bloggers - smile. isn't it lovely to know that Noel's daughter loves her this much? makes me warm inside. - D.