Saturday, February 28, 2009

In the Hot Seat

I'd take a poll, but not sure how many would participate ... so I'll just wax poetic about a topic near & dear to my, er, heart. Sort of.


Best used after a physical therapy appointment, on a chilly morning {I'll be honest - it doesn't get truly COLD here in So Cal; not really}, when your back hurts, when you just need some COZY.

Do you have seats that warm up?
If so, how often do you use them?
Do you love them?
Will you ever again lease or purchase a car without them?!

As for me and my sweetie, he, who is always warm, HATES 'EM. Says it's ridiculous to have them when one lives in San Diego. I hasten to point out, though, that when I had to drive his frozen butt home from Borrego {actually, Ranchita} last January, along with 2 of his frozen cyclist friends -- Mark kinda ENJOYED THE HECK out of the hot seat he sat on all the way home. His friends in the back seat? JEALOUS.

Outside of that random "need" he had for the hot seat, though, Mark says NO. I say YES. Thank God my used Volvo cross-country had them - I'm crazy for them.

-- Davielle

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Lyn said...

As a gal from the Mid-West - where January never got above zero - I giggle about the "love" of car seat heaters in CA. Beside, I have enough fat on my butt to keep we warm on the coldest of days...!! ...Lyn