Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Friends, if you are so inclined and moved after viewing the video clip, please support A PLACE TO BARK animal rescue ... every bit helps the cause.

Bernie Berlin, founder of A PLACE TO BARK, is a remarkable young woman. If you scroll down the left side of my blog page, you will find, near the bottom, a place where you can click on a video about A PLACE TO BARK, and a button there where you can make an on-line donation.

This time last year, donations (including grants) were at approximately $40,000. This year, they are down to about 1/10 of that. Bernie contributes everything she has to her amazing rescue efforts ... her time, her boundless energy and spirit, her whole heart ... and her personal financial resources.

It seems that in Tennessee, there is a high "kill" (ie, euthanasia) rate in the shelters. It also seems that a spay or neuter for your dog or cat in Tennessee is priced so high that most folks just can't afford to do it ... hence the need for A PLACE TO BARK.

Here in California, we are very fortunate to have low-priced spay/neuter clinics and "events". It just doesn't happen like that in Tennessee, where A PLACE TO BARK is located.

Please, please -- every dollar helps.

Thank you ...

-- Davielle

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