Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sierra Noel Huffman

"Our imagination is the only limit to what we can hope to have in the future."
-- Charles F. Kettering

Today we head up to Los Angeles, Mark and me, along with Mark's parents, Marion and Gene, to spend the evening celebrating Sierra's biggest accomplishment to date: her graduation, with highest honors, from USC (University of Southern California). We'll have dinner together tonight, and tomorrow, we'll all be there to see her receive her diploma.

From the time Sierra was in the 4th grade, her mind was made up: She was going to attend USC. She worked diligently at her grades all through elementary, junior, and senior high school, and she made it. She worked to make her dream come true.
Four years ago, we all sat together at my alma mater, Torrey Pines High School, to see her graduate. Tomorrow, we'll gather again to see her realize yet another one of her goals: To graduate from USC.

Sierra, we are all so very proud of you.
I hesitate to "speak" for everyone, but I do know that your mother Jennifer, your father Mark, your "co-parents", John and I, and Jack and Michelle, and your grandparents, Marion and Gene Huffman -- are ALL so happy to have supported your desire to attend USC. You have made us all so proud.

In addition, Sierra, your relatives from my side of the family send their heartiest "congratulations" with much love: Kristina and Cara, and your nephew Trevor, and your nieces, Kiara and Kaia; Poppi; Jay and Haruko; and Francie and Darryl.

WE LOVE YOU, SIERRA !!! Fight on ...
-- Davielle {aka, your wicked stepmother :-) !!}

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corin said...

what a proud moment for you all! a sign of good parenting (and step parenting) Congrats to your beautiful young lady!!!