Tuesday, May 26, 2009

How to Treat a Friendship

"I do not wish to treat friendship daintily, but with the roughest courage. When they are real, they are not glass threads or frost work, but the solidest thing we know."

... Ralph Waldo Emerson

I was recently 'introduced' to not only the blank journal designed by Jen Lee of New York, through my read-along with Dr. Brene Brown ... Brene also introduced us all to this amazing collection of short stories by Jen. Because I was so taken with the journal Jen had put together for people to write and discover themselves in, I placed my order for this gem of a CD right away. It is the best $10 I have ever spent on a recording, bar none.

Anyone who knows me, knows that is saying a lot, because I am a lifelong lover of music, and I have quite eclectic musical taste and quite an extensive collection.

But "books on tape" never appealed to me (I find that I can't stay 'involved' - my mind wanders when I am listening to a story out loud, so I read voraciously instead). But these SHORT stories captured me from the first word.

The CD is short, short enough to keep my attention span. But more than capturing my attention, Jen and her six soulful stories - they captured my essence. They captured my thoughts. They captured my interest. I'm held captive by the words!

Solstice: Stories of Light in the Dark” is a collection of six short stories that are poetic and poignant. They engage and inspire, weaving a tapestry of the theme presented in the first track:
We are all connected—even in the night.”

Blending stories with sound effects and music, “Solstice: Stories of Light in the Dark” brings to life a new kind of myth for the digital world.

You can visit Jen's site at this link, and see what you think:


While it may not be for everyone, it sure 'works' for me.

-- Davielle


corin said...

the quote you used was on a home made card that my friend sent me recently. we have to stop with these coincidences!!

DH 2Travelers said...

Corin, I just love that ... it's a rather 'small world' when we reach out and connect with others, isn't it? I've so enjoyed "getting to know you" via Brene's read-along and our side communications ... are you sort of sad that the R-A is over this week? I am ...