Sunday, May 24, 2009

Seeing by Faith

My Facebook friend, artist BERNIE BERLIN, had this amazing quote on FB this weekend:

“The way to see by Faith is to shut the Eye of Reason.”

-- Benjamin Franklin

This touched me so hard and so fast, I couldn't believe it.

We have friends and relatives who don't necessarily have a lot of FAITH, or who don't quite get comfortable with what FAITH they do have; or who just argue from their left-brain all the time when it would be nice, once in awhile, for them to just go to the right side and just "let things be" what they are ...

Thank you, Bernie, for this very powerful reminder - and from someone that I personally always thought of as a pure intellectual. :-)

-- Davielle


corin said...

This quote reminds me of what John Edward, the psychic says about believing in life after death. Many times when we feel a certain connection (a sign from) to a loved one who has passed on, we dismiss it as coincidence. Reasoning takes over and dismisses the fact that we are trying to have faith in our spiritual connection to "the other side"...Thanks for providing me with a little reminder!

DH 2Travelers said...

Corin, I am so with you on this. We should talk! :-) be well. - Davi