Wednesday, May 27, 2009

our OWLETS have fledged !!!

If you don't follow my other blog, ... then you haven't yet heard of or seen my BEST SHOT MONDAY (BSM) image for this week -- it's a photo I took on Monday evening, standing right beneath one of our two Great Horned Owlets :-) ... aka, Bubo Virginianus.

And I just learned that a GH owlet (as I refer to them; it's probably not the technical term for a baby GHO) is known as a "brancher" when it first leaves the nest - not a "fledgling". Interesting.

Owlet Number One {smaller of the 2}

So I thought I should post a number of the images I captured on Monday (and a couple from Tuesday evening, of one of the adults perched atop a nearby Torrey Pine tree), for you all to enjoy.

Owlet # 1, again

this is one of the proud parents - because it seems smaller than the Mama we've been seeing, we think this is Papa G.H. Owl

the adorable Owlet # 1 {again}

and yes, Owlet # 1 again !!!

So these last two shots were taken around 7:45 pm Tuesday, 5/26/09 - you can make out the silhouette of the Great Horned Owl atop the Torrey Pine tree -- right?

and I hope that if you click on this one, it will open up for you, because the eyes are bright on the owl atop the tree, caught by the flash of the camera !!

That's it for Owl Pics, friends.
If you want more information about the Great Horned Owl, check out these links:
(this one has links to Owl Calls, but I could not get those to play ... if you do, great! the info is fantastic, though, so worth including this link)
(another great link, especially for kids)
(and this link will take you to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, and the link here to the voice DOES work ... check it out!)
Hope this was informative and interesting, dear readers.

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