Monday, August 4, 2008

THE HOME AS A HOBBY (borrowed from SBB's 'Simple Abundance')

Okay, so I am borrowing from one of my favorite inspirational authors today, Sarah Ban Breathnach, of "SIMPLE ABUNDANCE: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy" fame. You've read SA, right? It's a day-by-day YEAR of insights, inspiration, challenges - especially for women. And she focuses on creativity in all areas of our lives. Her work is a delight to all who read it, I believe.

HOME AS A HOBBY is her entry for July 29 ... and it struck a chord with me this morning, as I work at home on OUR home, as my HOBBY, I suppose. Most of you know how "messy" I can be - heck, not "can be", but AM. Let's be honest!

I admit that, for me, organizing and sorting and purging is a painful - yet necessary - task, and one that while I say I am undertaking it all the time, I do try to avoid with the most creative excuses :-) !!!

Today I offer up this, taken right from SA, as a challenge (especially to myself, of course) to us all:

"Nobody has the right to be bored in a half-made home. A home which is not a fair expression of us at our best, a home which lacks what it might have, a home which is in any part more ugly or in any part more uncomfortable than it absolutely need be ... a home which cannot be run without waste, a home which by any detail gets on the nerves of its inhabitants and so impairs the harmony of their existence -- something ought to be done about such a home ... Why not make the perfecting of the home a hobby?" -- Arnold Bennett (English novelist, from an essay dated 1924)

Admission of Guilt: Mark can't stand my messy ways. There, I said it, and I've put it out here for any and everyone to see. So - those "details that get on the nerves of its inhabitants" Arnold mentions above - THEY, and my dearly loved Mark, are what compel me to now take on MY home as MY HOBBY.

This is my new power statement: Our Home is My Hobby.

Yours in making ALL our homes our hobbies -- D, on 8-4-08

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