Sunday, August 3, 2008

"Why BLOG?", you might ask

Lately, I have been asked by friends & relatives alike: WHY BLOG? Hmmm ...

You probably don't want to know why I blog ... you want to know why ANYBODY would want to blog, right?

My friend Ann, who inspired me to create THIS blogspot, gave me an article recently that I think says MOST all of it. The article is by Kelly Rae Roberts, and appeared in the Jan/Feb 2008 issue of CLOTH, PAPER, SCISSORS magazine - a terrific mag for those who like to "craft" things. {You can visit Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine at}

I am sorry to say that C,P,S does not have a link on their website to the article, but I WILL create it as a PDF document (by scanner) if anyone is interested. I can email it to you.

But my quick answer to you for now is this: it gives me a creative outlet, and a way to keep in touch with loved ones who might live far away, or with whom I don't get to spend enough time. Blogging gives me, in Kelly Rae's words, a way to "expand (my) creative & personal growth", and that's always a good thing, for all of us.

And if you don't really care what I am up to, or what we're reading, where we've been, what we care about ... that's fine, too. Nothing says you have to visit my blogspot or leave comments ... right? It's all a choice we make. And whatever YOUR choice might be, it's OK by me - D., on a beautiful Sunday morning in August


ann said...

pooh pooh on those non-bloggers.
they don't know what they're missing!!!
please come over and see my messes!- aka creative projects.
I have the good fortune(?) of having a husband who is even worse than I am....

2Travelers said...

Ann - thank you for posting a comment, especially one in support of a) blogging and b) messes !!! Mark, alas, while he CAN be messy messy messy, does not "prefer" to be messy - and he does neaten up (practically constantly) - so I must adjust. Meanwhile, once I've "adjusted" the common rooms enough to make him comfortable, then I can be free to be CREATIVE! Ahhhhh - such is my goal. :-) Davi