Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Oh, sweet goodness-from-the-garden ... my sister in law Haruko gave me the most incredible red tomatoes the other day, and said "by the way, I hear that Martha Stewart's recipe for Tomato Pie is really good".

Little did I know - how good it would be.

So I Googled it - "tomato pie Martha Stewart" and voila! there it was - the recipe. {Calls for fresh Marjoram, an herb I rarely, if ever use - I found it to be sweetish-smokey in flavor, and the little leaves are velvety soft ... personally, I could have reduced the amt of Marjoram and been just as happy with the results.}

Just made it myself this afternoon - I used Haruko's red tomatoes, along with some yellow & orange small Heirloom tomatoes from Ralph's - and instead of making Pate Brise (French pastry) from scratch, I used a frozen Puff Pastry sheet -- worked just fine - and in case you're wondering about the OLIVE OIL that I used -- that I use ALL THE TIME, it's so darn good - it's FRANTOIA - and I pick it up down in San Diego.
Check out my photo, and then try it for yourself. It was pretty easy, very soulful to put together, and the results: YUMMMMMMMY.


ann said...

shall we call you PWII - how 'bout photos as you go:-)

2Travelers said...

who's PW? and what do you mean - "photos as I go" ??? is this about my tomato pie? hmmm .. ENLIGHTEN ME -- D.