Friday, August 22, 2008


Last evening, Mark and I participated in the annual TASTE OF ENCINITAS, a food-fest held all up & down Highway 101 (aka, Coast Highway; Pacific Coast Hwy; Olde Highway 101; etc) in Old (ie, Downtown) Encinitas. "Produced" by DEMA (our Downtown Encinitas Merchants Association), this event is a real treat - and VERY popular.

We shared the evening with my brother Jay & his wife Haruko, my niece Wendy & her son Darius, and our great-niece Taryn ... oh, and lots & lots of members of the Community.

ON COMMUNITY: imagine downtown any-town, teeming with foot traffic, everyone laughing, smiling, pausing to TASTE yet another example of the amazing food the town's restaurants have to offer. Children of all ages, dogs on leashes, old folks ... and music ... and old cars ... something for everyone, really. City council members strolling, members of local Boards of Directors (SELC comes to mind), even people from out of town ... locals & tourists alike ... all mingling, all having a really good time. TASTE OF ENCINITAS makes it all happen - once a year. We are truly blessed to live in this beautiful, healthy, friendly community.

Here, in my opinion, were the Best of the Best from this year's TASTE OF ENCINITAS:

My favorite "taste" of the night: the Short Ribs (masquerading as tender pot roast, it was so darn good} with mashed potatos & gravy from The 3rd Corner. OUTSTANDING. Oh, and the carne asada burrito from Filiberto's. YES, a drive-thru Mexican food joint gets top billing along with a fine-dining establishment.

Best taste of DESSERT of the night: Bubby's ... hands down. Hand-crafted ice cream / gelato, and I hear they make terrific sandwiches, too. If you haven't experienced BUBBY's, do yourself a favor and give it a whirl.

Most generous "taste" of the night: Via Italia.

Best tunes of the night: Earl Flores - Encinitas' own 'Catholic Cowboy', with a rich voice that I swear was chanelling Johnny Cash & Elvis Presley last night.

Oh, and it was also RODS & WOODIES night in old Encinitas - every Thursday night during the Summer, we enjoy classic cars parked all up & down the Highway, and spilling into the parking lots on either side, too. I found my (new) dream car: a 1958 Porsche Speedster; cream exterior, tan leather interior, PRISTINE condition, for just $15,000. Now THAT is a bargain - compared to the 60's Pontiac we saw for $42,500 - anyway. ;-) Here's dreaming! {after all, I WAS born in '58 - what an awesome 50th birthday present that little Speedster would make, huh?!}

Next year, I hope to see YOU at the Taste of Encinitas. -- D.

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