Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sundays ... are for Baking

With our new "home as my hobby" mantra ringing in my head this week, I have to admit I am practically BUZZING with project ideas and a really long TO DO LIST ... have to keep reminding myself to take on ONE project at a time -- ONE CLOSET or DRESSER at a time, NOT the entire houseful of overflowing-with-things-we-don't use-or-even-remember-we-have-in-there SPACES. ;-)

Today, with Mark returning home (finally!) in just a few hours, I opted to run the last-minute errands and then bake his favorite: BANANA BREAD with WALNUTS. The house smells delicious - I've been using the JOY OF COOKING recipe, only with White Whole Wheat Flour this time - so it should be as dependable (and delish) as ever.

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