Monday, August 11, 2008

NEW ORDER in our home ...

You may have read my post a few days' back, OUR HOME AS MY HOBBY ... thanks to the ever-wise Sarah Ban Breathnach ("Simple Abundance" is the book - if you don't have it, GET it!).

Since that posting, I have already focused on our master bath - a former bastion of hoarding of travel toiletries, potions & lotions we never finished off (or just plain didn't like but couldn't throw out), excesses of hair scrunchies & stretchies, barettes, headbands, hair products for dry & normal & oily & color-treated & distressed & damaged & healthy HAIR - my oh my. And the make-up - enough products to make up a hundred ladies for three months ... sheesh.

But now - NOW - the vanity (my stronghold) is ALL CLEARED OUT and it's amazing - the drawers open smoothly, and they LOOK incredible inside -- I can see the lotions & powders that I want to keep - all neatly organized. I sorted the make-up into EYE, FACE, and LIPS - in darling make-up bags I already owned. The hair drawer - to die for tidy!

And the jewelry - is next. Time to sort through what I don't want or wear any more, things from my mother - things from friends - things from former lovers. Oh my! The grand-girls are already lined up for the leftovers ...

And today's challenge here at the homestead? MY CRAFT ROOM. What was built as the Master 'HERS' Closet - that ended up with a beautiful leaded glass window, and "Delia's Trousseau" wallpaper (from Kravet/Lee Jofa) on one long wall -- that now houses a darling vintage cabinet for storing most all the scrapbooking / photo album / art project supplies -- THAT is today's project.

I'd better get cracking - this
"NEW ORDER" is soooo demanding ;-) ... -- D.

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