Thursday, September 11, 2008


We visited the Pine Hills area on Saturday, just outside of Julian, CA, to do some PEAR and APPLE picking ... WOWEE, was it a fun experience. Our heartfelt thanks to Ken and Julie, who own the property - who generously & graciously opened their
orchards and home to us -- as guests of my 'sister', Sherri. We began with our own picnic (from home) underneath a pear tree that's pushing -- can it be? -- 100 years old. Imagine that -- and producing like crazy, without irrigation. I love it!
After we ate and after we picked the pears, we had Ken and his friends help us PRESS FRESH JUICE -- from both apples and pears -- and we brought home a precious quart bottle of each. Delicious nectar!
We THEN took a little property tour with Sherri and her friend, Debbie, and ended up near the pond - with this cool FROG FOUNTAIN -- isn't he charming? And THEN, as if Ken and Julie hadn't already been kind enough -- we were invited into their home to have JULIAN APPLE PIE and we sat on a verandah overlooking the orchards -- in the shade -- just being soothed by the fresh mountain air and the cool shade. QUITE A LOVELY DAY, all in all.

NOW it's time -- for fresh pear & walnut cake -- apple & pear cobbler, maybe with a bit of wild blueberries in -- pears eaten out-of-hand -- Cara's asking for cobbler FIRST ;-) -- of course.

With fruity thanks -- to Sherri and to Ken and Julie ...

-- D., 9-11-08

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