Sunday, September 21, 2008


Imagine -- with the help of my daughter Kristina, I am actually undertaking PUTTING TOGETHER A SCRAPBOOK that will commemorate the first 88 years of my father's life -- for his birthday. His b-day is TOMORROW, 9/22, but the PARTY is on Sunday 9/28 ... so I do have a TINY bit of time to complete this ambitious, monumental project. ;-) GOOD THING.
{photo, left, of Dad with his step-grand Sierra, Father's Day '08}
His scrapbook is going to include ... 'memory tales' from his nieces, nephews, great-nieces & great-nephews, his children and his grandchildren and his great-grandchildren. How's that for ambitious?!

Having some experience with putting scrapbooks together, I ... don't know what I was thinking!

But I think my motto for this project is the old KISS - "keep it super simple". All black pages (for that old-fashioned scrapbook look), printed 'memory' tales from everyone that will just attach to their page/s ... and reproductions of old family photos and memorabilia that will SPARK old Franky-boy's MEMORY JUICES.

After this party, Dad should be firing on ALL his sentimental cylinders for a long, long time.

I can't wait to see his face when he opens THIS special gift ... a collaborative effort from his entire family -- immediate & extended.

Wish me well ... and pray for my sanity! ;-) -- D., Sunday 9/21/08

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