Monday, September 8, 2008

is this my life? is this my brother?!

okay, so who is this guy? anyone recognize him? every since I got up yesterday, I feel like I'm living in an episode (if it hadn't been a full-length movie) of 'Napoleon Dynamite' - which is, in turns, the stupidest - funniest - wierdest - zaniest - out of left field - MOVIE - I may have ever seen. I mean - the first time I saw it, I thought "that was just DUM dumb". You know? But within 2 days, lines from the movie kept repeating themselves in my head (first sign of mental illness?) and I could not stop laughing.

Who really says to their prom dance partner, "I like your sleeves. they're really big" COME ON. Yet, that is my fave line from the movie. It's just so - out there. LIKE MY LIFE.

So ... I post this photo today, because he could be MY brother (glad he's not, but still ... you know what I mean). He could be YOUR brother. And in the end, what the hell would be wrong with that!? NOTHING. It just would be what it would be.

life has just thrown me for a big fat loop this weekend, and for today, I am adopting KIP as my new family member. -- D.


fioria said...

Kip sat beside me in 9th grade algebra, caught me copying off his paper and threatened to blow the whistle on me if I didn't go to the prom with him. National Honor Society pin at stake, I dutifully said Yessirree Kipperee.

We actually had a great time. You can't tell a book by its cover.

I didn't realize he was your brother, though. There's really no family resemblance.

Your favorite ice-borrowing neighbor

2Travelers said...

dear kip's prom date
wow, life just gets stranger and stranger. dang, girl, we coulda been SISTERS in law after all ;-) and all that. GOSH, I wonder how many other gals would take Kip in a heartbeat? we'll see! -- D.