Thursday, September 4, 2008

Housework can be SO Overwhelming

Honestly, is there anyone who can truly say they "adore" housework? I didn't think so. Some may enjoy the feeling of satisfaction after it's done, they can appreciate "a job well done". But does ANYONE really LOVE the cleaning itself? That's what I thought.

For all of us who really are ALLERGIC TO HOUSEWORK (myself included), I decided to get REEEEEAAAALLLLY honest and post a photo of just one corner of my desk at home. Yes, that's right: I try to sit at THIS MESSY DESK, surrounded by more piles that look very much like THIS one, and I try to be - clever, creative, communicative, productive.
And it's not just about CLEANLINESS - in my case, it's about SLOPPINESS. MESSINESS. CLUTTEREDNESS. Basically, our home is clean. It's just MESSY. Yikes!

It does not make any good sense. Does it? Really, how can I be free to create and produce, when I am totally overwhelmed by - my messy ways?

SO back to committing (again!) to HOME AS MY HOBBY. It's like I need a 12-step program for perpetual MESSY-MONGERS or something. Aaaarrggghhhh!

This will improve - I'll show you. Really, I will.

-- D.


ann said...

I'm impressed with your courage to document it on film.
I was disgusted when I cam back from Austin to see my piles in such visible places, but am on hospital/kid watch this week, so it's not important.
If you're really serious (I'm not) check out
I have friends who swear by her. However their husbands are neat freaks. I don't have that problem/gift?

2Travelers said...

I know - thought I could hang with those principles and all, but now the daily e-mail "reminders" just make me crazy and I hit delete, delete, delete when I see them! Sheesh. And to "unsubscribe", one has to LOG IN, and it makes me C R A Z Y.
meanwhile, yes, it was a courageous act, posting that photo. I have worse! ;-) BE WELL, and welcome home, and thank you for ALL you do - for others.
- Davi

darla said...

seems to me you are doing the important stuff that really matters. you'll get around to the housework. i have my favorite things i do from flylady that i do daily that keeps me on track but i don't obsess. life's too short. i would love to bring my family to california one day. it's one of my goals. enjoyed your blog. :)