Wednesday, September 17, 2008


And YES, yes, yes ... I am STILL clearing out my office. Honestly. I swear it. Really, I am. There is still a lot of putting-away to do, and a fair amount of shredding (oooh, I love the shredder - don't you?! it's so FINAL !!!). And yes, I still suffer from CLUTTER-MANIA. I have it AND I hate it. What a catch-22, eh?

But things are heating up around here - on many levels - second-biggest pressure is that we're host- and hostessing a big SURPRISE party for my dad -- a week from Sunday -- SOOOOOOO, that means if I want to give house tours ... the house has to be ready !!!

Ummm, I better sign off, then ... LOTS to be done!

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