Friday, December 12, 2008


I just love this time of year, especially when children get that twinkle in their eye over The Big Guy ... Santa Claus.

Waiting for photos from Daughter # 1 of the other "grands" with Kris Kringle, but for now, I offer you this:

And by the way ... to all of you who have family near & far & nation- or world-wide ... BE IN TOUCH WITH THEM, please, during this holiday season. You have no idea the stories I hear, and the things I have experienced ... when it comes to family and the holiday season. It can be just wrenching, folks not hearing from a sister or aunt, father or nephew ...

REACH OUT and BE IN TOUCH with them all, warts and all.

Thank you,

DAH, aka Mrs. Claus
{ooh, that reminds me - we're overdue to begin watching our Jim Carrey fave, THE GRINCH - and the Will Farrell classic, ELF}

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Lyn said...

I love it Davi....Santa is wearing a dog print shirt...WOOF WOOF WOOF