Monday, December 15, 2008

SPAM blogspot commentary

Okay, my friend Karyl told me today that I am WAAAAAY nice on my blogspot and that she'd been keeping an eye out for rants on topics such as Outta Control Car Alarms, stuff like that.

Okay, so here's one for you, Karyl.

SPAM blogspot comments.

Just got my first one, and I am so mad -- the only way to control them is to go back to me "moderating" all comments, which means I approve / disapprove them. Not a big deal, but heck, it's that one more thing to "manage".

What really frosts me {if you will pardon the seasonal pun} is that this yahoo, whoever they are, left some bogus "comment" full of Air Jordan this and Air Jordan that - complete with stupid LINKS to crap. Yes, I said "CRAP".

So the only way I can preserve my sanity and maintain the sanctity of my blogspot on THAT LAST POST, the one about 'Tis the Season' -- is to DISALLOW and HIDE the comment this toad left tonight.

Sorry folks.

-- D.

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