Monday, December 22, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things

It's MY birthday, so I get to post about a few of my favorite things ... and in case that phrase isn't ringing any bells for you, the movie SOUND OF MUSIC is on that list. ;-)

Rain. I love the rain. As a youngster, it ALWAYS rained for me on my birthday. Seriously. And today, guess what? RAIN, on my half-decade birthday. Wow.

if that is not the most romantical dance photo ever, I don't know what is ... my goodness !!!

Gene Kelly - and all talented artistic dancers. And what's better than Gene Kelly in that musical "Singin' in the Rain" ???

And speaking of gifted athletes ... this heart-filled Thoroughbred filly, RUFFIAN, has always had a large piece of my heart. She has a heartbreaking story, though, which I will not go into here - if you don't know it, and you care to, you can google her and read it for yourself. Me, I prefer to remember Ruffian as the valiant beauty you see here:

An old-fashioned, blowsy, ENGLISH COUNTRY GARDEN, complete with thatched-roof cottage. I have to say, THIS is my storybook dream house & garden. Isn't it darling?

And FREESIA blossoms. They smell like heaven, they remind me of Mark's and my favorite place, Deetjen's Big Sur Inn {'cause they usually have cut freesia on the tables there}, and they naturalize in the garden. Ah, freesia.

So those are just a random few of my favorite things.
And the blessing of good friends and the love of a great family. Don't mind me - I'm just waxing nostalgic - but then, I get to do that - it's MY birthday !!!
-- D.


CalBuckeye said...

Hey girlfriend - you make 50 look so good! Congrats and all the best on this your special rainy 50th Davielle. -Vickie and Kerry III

Lyn said...

I'm glad Davi you have a wonderful birthday....take it from ONLY gets better...!!!

Tons of Hugs and Love...Lyn

Kandice said...

Happy Belated birthday Davi! Here's wishing you 50 more wonderful years to live in abundant grace and happiness.--Kandice

Cynthia said...

Happy Belated Birthday Davi!

What a treasured gift you are - talented, kind, creative, bright, loving, gracious, fun, artsy, interesting and inspiring....

Congrats on your first 50 and may your next be filled with peace, love, laughter and bliss.