Sunday, December 21, 2008

You Win Some ...

... and you lose some. But it all works out in the end.

"Grand" Trevor's travel-ball team had a great tournament weekend going - they won both games yesterday, and were looking good going into today's Game Three towards the Championship. With a 3-1 game, though, things took a turn and The Other Team ended up winning, 4-3. But that's baseball, isn't it? You win some. You lose some. Always remember: there's no crying in baseball {usually}. Our AZTECS played good ball and they have much to be proud of. I know that I'm proud of 'em, but am I biased?

Trevor at a tourney in November {he caught all 4 games that weekend ... this is a dedicated team player!}

In other realms, the same rule applies. You win some; you lose some. But what some might consider a "loss" turns out to be such a blessing.

If you don't know by now that I have worked for, and strongly support the work of, Canine Companions for Independence (CCI), then you have not been perusing the left-hand-column of this very blogspot. When a dog being raised for CCI doesn't make it in Advanced Training, they are released from the program {although some do go on to other working dog organizations to pursue a different kind of working life - Search & Rescue, Guide Dogs, DEA work, etc}. Right now, our friends raised a pup for CCI, TARA, and she is currently 'exploring her options' in Search and Rescue work - I don't know anyone who knows Tara who wouldn't wish to get lost, just so Tara could find them {okay, so her trainer actually said it first - but it's SO true}.

The stories that I so enjoy are the ones about the Release Dogs that -- do therapy work. Take LANDIS for instance. This was the biggest, handsomest pup I'd ever come across, and having CCI name him for a man who holds a special place in our hearts was so exciting. LANDIS {the dog} was raised by a fabulous puppy-raising couple in Arizona, Amanda & John. When LANDIS was released from CCI, he returned to Arizona, and he is now a certified Therapy Dog, and he's working in a hospice program. I am so deeply happy for any and everyone that has known and will know this dog. LANDIS stole my heart, and I believe he's continuing to steal more of the same.
I told you he was a big puppy!

and he's grown into a big handsome Big Dog now ...

Then there are the Release Dogs that just ... do their own kind of 'therapy' work. Take for instance RONIE. She loves her mom, and her mom loves her. Her mom loves her so much, in fact, that she has created the most amazing scrapbook ALL ABOUT RONIE, in which Ronie is featured in her vast array of bandanas -- she has one for every occasion! But the photo that I am so taken with is this one ... it's of Ronie enjoying a Cold Winter's Nap under a blanket, which she slept under an entire night! Lyn says Ronie goes to bed all tucked in - and wakes up in just the same spot. What a love she is. Ronie brings a smile to my face every time I get to see her - she is such a delight.
Ronie all tucked in ...

Not enough time here to go into the CCI dogs that have touched my life with the ways they've enhanced, altered, changed, improved, deeply moved the life of a person with a disability - their Graduate {person} and all who know him or her. That's for another post entirely.
Happy Sunday to you all,

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Lyn said...

Ronie is sooooo excited Rocky's Mom featured her on 2 Tavelers. Ronie told alllll her friends at the Dog Park.