Friday, December 5, 2008

Not a Creature was Stirring ...

... well, maybe a little bitty MOUSE !!!

Just went down to be sure the garage was closed up {it was, for once}, and heard a tiny rustling sound over near Mark's "bike bench" --

He's got a box attached to the wall there, with cyclist's GOOP and power bars and the like just waiting for him to grab them before a ride.

Do I have news for him!

Not only are there little ants all over the stuff, but he's got a furry little friend partaking of his bounty each night.

See photo herein as proof.


-- Davielle

1 comment:

CalBuckeye said...

For heaven's sake - you and the camera! how do you get the BEST photos. At least that little guy is cute unlike the BIG mice gorging themselves on the bird seed I put out on my fence with my bird feeder.