Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Just for Jen & Noelle - ROCK STAR

It's ALL about the Rock Star this morning:

me 'n Rock Star, 2007

Rocky loved our kitty, Mischief ... we are still sad about M's disappearance in March 2007

I know how much Jennifer loves our Rock Star, so here's a blog post JUST FOR YOU, Jen !!!

And nobody / no family loves our Rocky more than we do, except for Noelle's family - Noelle is Rocky's "other mother" -- they still refer to him as 'Tugboat', 'cause he WAS the biggest pup in his litter.

Rocky loves boys - Noelle's son was "his" boy before we brought him home {Rocky, not Matthew!} .... so Rocky immediately bonded with Trevor !!! NOTICE Rocky's ears - they're still tipped and not upright. Awwwwwwwwww, how cute.

{see, dedicated & regular readers get to pick their fave subject and I'll post about it ... of course, Rocky IS also one of MY favorite subjects -- I just try to refrain from posting about him all the time, in order to hold the attention of the rest of you ...}

And this is Rocky, a couple months ago, playing with his GIRLFRIEND {and yes, we can refer to her as such}, CORAL. Coral is the Rattie that inspired Mark and I to research and select this lovable, fun-loving, charming breed for our family pet. Thank you, Coral -- it's been quite an experience, living with Rock Star. And thanks to Tom for introducing us to Coral ...

That's all, Rocky fans. I have to dream up a more wide-spread, interesting, possibly seasonal topic for my next post!

-- D.

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Eric Merrell said...

Hi Mark and Davi, just wanted to pop over and say hello. Have a Merry Christmas!