Tuesday, December 2, 2008


How much do you love year-round baseball? In our family, it's a new phenom ... Trevor used to play Little League, and then for a number of years, added Winter Ball to the calendar. But this TRAVEL BALL league stuff -- which goes all year 'round -- makes it an every-week-there's-baseball-somewhere world for us!

A couple weekends ago, we saw Trevor and his AZTECS play here in our town, at night, and it sure was fun. A nice way to end a Sunday.

This most recent weekend, there was a TOURNAMENT in Poway, and I went out on Saturday for their first game, and again on Sunday for their first game. THEY WON BOTH OF THOSE.

a couple of the AZTECS {and Trevor's!} biggest fans ... T's mom and sister

On both days, though, they valiantly lost their second games, putting them out of the running for the Championship Game of the weekend.

I know the AZTECS were disappointed, but with player injuries, illnesses, and some being away on holiday for Thanksgiving, our Trevor was catching for ALL their games, and they were down a few pitchers, too. That makes for a little sore, and at times, a LOT tired team, I would think. {but you know The Rule: THERE'S NO CRYING IN BASEBALL !!! these kids are tough - no whining from them} photo - Trevor, catching

Trevor made several attempts to steal second base {and eventually, he did just that} -- this, at FIRST BASE, making sure he is SAFE before the baseman gets that ball {which you can see in the photo!}

I'm happy to say that his right hand, the one he broke recently {during football season}, is all healed now - although he's not back to pitching yet.

I took plenty of photos ... those herein are just some of the many!

the AZTECS won this game handily against the Turbos;
here, Trevor coming in to home

-- D.

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